BCSPL (Under 14 - Under 18)

BCSPL (Under 14 - Under 18)

BC Soccer Premier League

The BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL) is a Provincial wide League considered the top level of Club based play U14-U18. CMFSC is proud to be one of a select few soccer clubs in British Columbia selected to be a BC Soccer Premier League Club through the Canada Soccer Association Club Charter Program. The purpose of the league is to bring together identified players from the BC Soccer membership into training and game environments that support the player's overall development, as well as providing further opportunities for identification into higher levels of play including, Provincial Programming, University, Professional/National teams programming and progressing into adult community soccer. 

Within the BCSPL program, we aim to create an inclusive environment that provides opportunities for all players with the desire and ability to compete at the BCSPL level, considering the mental, social, and emotional well-being of these young athletes in addition to their technical, tactical, and physical ability. 

In this section you will find valuable information on the BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL) as well as the specific BCSPL programming in CMFSC.

Boys BCSPL Head Coaches

Dale Mitchell
Technical Director, BC Soccer Premier League
Dale Mitchell
John Byron Castrillon
Head Coach - 2011 Boys Intakes
John Byron Castrillon
Carlo Basso
Head Coach - 2010 Boys
Carlo Basso
Michael Mobilio
Head Coach - 2009 Boys
Michael Mobilio
Chris Peat
Head Coach - 2008 Boys
Chris Peat
Les Krivak
Head Coach - 2007 Boys
Les Krivak
Dalibor Plavsic
Head Coach - 2006 Boys
Dalibor Plavsic

Boys BCSPL Teams

Division/Birth Year Head Coach Email Assistant Coach Manager
BU13 - 2010 Carlo Basso carlobasso77@gmail.com Adam Jones Sandra Cermona

Dom Delli Santi
BU14 - 2009
Michael Mobilio Michael.mobilio@hotmail.com Jordan Bordignon Kelly Chow

Kyle Jones
BU15 - 2008 Chris Peat monicapeat@hotmail.com Connor Ayre  Nicky Land

Brian Peat
BU16 - 2007 Les Krivak leskrivak@hotmail.com
Kelly Chow

BU17 - 2006 Dalibor Plavsic dalibor.plavsic@gmail.com Moreno Zanetti Lori Sherle

Arlen Furney

Girls BCSPL Head Coaches

Dale Mitchell
Technical Director, BC Soccer Premier League
Dale Mitchell
Michael Mobilio
Head Coach - 2011 Girls Intakes
Michael Mobilio
Giovanni Carida
Head Coach - 2010 Girls
Giovanni Carida
Brianna Morden
Head Coach - 2009 Girls
Brianna Morden
Steve Kindel
Head Coach - 2008 Girls
Steve Kindel
Conner Moe
Head Coach - 2007 Girls
Conner Moe
John Byron Castrillon
Head Coach - 2006 Girls
John Byron Castrillon

Girls BCSPL Teams

Division/Birth Year Head Coach Email Assistant Coach Manager
GU13 / 2010 Giovanni Carida gcarida@shaw.ca Chantel Bohne Parm Sanghera

Colin Betts
GU14 / 2009 Brianna Morden Brianna.morden@gmail.com Richard Plican Christine Cyr

Jenna Mele
GU15 / 2008 Steve Kindel stevekindel@telus.net Sara Maglio Kim Griffiths

Kenny Strain
GU16 / 2007 Conner Moe connerwilliam.moe@gmail.com Giordano Baldonero Nancy Trasolini

Eliana Arapi
GU17 / 2006 John Castrillon cps.sports@shaw.ca Michael Mobilio Leesa Hanna

David Skelton

BCSPL U13 Intake Frequently Asked Questions

Starting September 2023, BC Soccer has mandated 9 v 9 soccer for the Under 13 age group (2011 birth year) across the Province. Current U13 (2010 birth year) will be the last age group to play an Intake and full U13 season within the BCSPL. Therefore, for September 2023 onwards clubs would not have teams entering the BCSPL in the U13 Intake. The 2011 Birth Year will commence the Under 14 (Intake) for September 2024.

BCSPL Frequently Asked Questions

CMFSC supports the CSA Long-Term Player Development Model, which states: "Soccer is the primary sport, but complimentary sports are encouraged which support movement and athleticism suitable to soccer..."

So yes, you can play other sports, but players must make soccer their primary commitment. Players are expected to be in attendance for all training session and games. The actual interpretation of what level of commitment is required will be up to the team coaches and will vary with the age of the player.

Please follow the following link to our club registration page to register

Registration will be open December 1st.

Payment is due:

  • 1st instalment - December 15th
  • 2nd instalment - February 15th
  • 3rd instalment - April 15th

Once the first instalment is made, the second and third instalment will be deducted automatically from the credit card made with original payment on the respective dates.

Click here to register

CMFSC is continually assessing players within and outside the BCSPL program. Any player interested in being evaluated for consideration should visit our BCSPL Evaluation page here (current CMFSC players should not use this registration form, this is for non CMFSC players).

Please note all requests will be reviewed, but all players may not be invited into an evaluation session, however all players will be contacted by the respective team coaches. As per the BCSPL guidelines, we are also obligated to inform the player's current club prior to communication with the player.

First you will need to log into your Power Up account. You can edit your credit card on file at anytime.

Once you are logged in:

  1. Go to Profile >> Payment Profiles
  2. Click Edit
  3. Enter your new credit card information. 
  4. Save

For members with recurring payments or other payment plans, the new credit card information will be used for those future transactions.

Teams train a minimum of three times per week:

  • Boys train Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Girls train Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

April 1st training locations and times will be adjusted as the club's allocations change for the Spring/Summer allocation schedule.

CMFSC runs the following BCSPL age groups

Under 14 Boys Under 14 Girls
Under 15 Boys Under 15 Girls
Under 16 Boys Under 16 Girls
Under 17 Boys Under 17 Girls
Under 18 Boys Under 18 Girls

Teams may train at Coquitlam Town Centre Park, Charles Best High School, and/or Centennial Secondary field. Home games are held at Town Center Park.

Age Group2024 Reg FeePer PaymentNotes
Under 14 Girls & Boys Intakes (2011) $2,037.00 $679.00
Under 14 Girls & Boys (2010)
Under 15 Girls (2009)
Under 16 Girls & Boys (2008)
Under 17 Girls & Boys (2007)
$2,361.00 $787.00
Under 15 Boys (2009) $2,163.00 $721.00no Okanagan Trip
Under 18 Girls (2006)$1,428.00$476.00
Under 18 Boys (2006)$1,329.00$443.00no Okanagan Trip

Fees for travel have been included in registration fees. If there is any extra travel, teams will pay individually (example with the addition of Nanaimo in younger age groups may cause more trips to the island).  

*fees are reduced for the Under 18 age group reflect reduced uniforms/team apparel and only 6 month season (January to June).

Dates of Payments:
December 15th (1st instalment)
February 15th (2nd instalment)
April 15th (3rd instalment)

Fees include the following:

  • League Registration Fee
  • Club Administration
  • Website Support
  • BCSPL Technical Director
  • Goalkeeping Instruction
  • Sports Psychology Support 
  • University Recruitment Program
  • Video Analysis
  • Coaching Costs
  • Referee Costs
  • Uniforms, training gear, tracksuits, bag, etc. *see exception above
  • Game Day Costs
  • Travel Fees

NOTE: Additional tournament fees apply if teams travel to tournaments outside of the league.

BC Soccer and CMFSC are committed to a comprehensive approach to improve player development in British Columbia, ultimately, to make Canada a strong soccer nation. Part of the broad-based plan was the creation and development of a high performance league in BC. The league is known as the "BC Soccer Premier League".

The BC Soccer Premier League will deliver on the following key development initiatives;

  • Supports the CSA's "Player First" mentality and its Long Term Player Development strategy.
  • Harmonizes all high performance levels of programming.
  • Eliminates fixture/program congestion and provides greater clarity for all stakeholders.
  • Works with existing and supporting development program structures.
  • Drives improvements to all aspects of high performance soccer. /li>
  • Consolidates both player and coaching talent to facilitate the best players training and playing against and with the best