Who We Are

Who We Are

Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club | Soccer for Life

It started with a small group of passionate soccer and sport people, an anchor sponsor and one team with a desire to progress the game, innovate, and lead. The original male select club merged with a dual gender community club in 2007 to deliver both recreational and performance programs from toddlers to adults.

Today, Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club (CMFSC) is one of the province's largest and most successful community sports organizations - offering both recreational and elite soccer programs to over 4,000 youth and adult players.

"Soccer for Life!" has long been our trademark. We strive to create a virtuous cycle that sees children grow through the game and convert their positive experiences to commit to giving back, in recognition of what they have received and their desire to pay it forward as a player, coach, match official, administrator, fan and/or parent.

We believe in the power soccer and team sports plays in providing life lessons and building character supportive of successful and productive futures.

CMFSC Mission


Create experiences, through soccer, that inspire a lifelong passion for physical activity and a pathway to personal brilliance.

CMFSC Vision


We believe in the power of sport to create an active, healthy, and inclusive community.

CMFSC Values

Our Values

CMFSC Wellness

Social, emotional, & physical wellbeing above all else


We love the game and it shows!

CMFSC Respect

One community with everyONE

CMFSC Leadership

Modeling the way

CMFSC Excellence

Going above and beyond

CMFSC Logo history

The Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club logo was born out of the strategic merging of two clubs, Metro-Ford and Coquitlam City, in 2007. Coquitlam City was a strong dual gender community Club focused on recreational programs for all. In contrast, Metro-Ford was built on attracting top players and coaches to compete at the highest level, primarily on male teams.

The merger of these two clubs marked a new Club built on the strong values of each individual Club while further striving to build a Soccer for Life home for players in Coquitlam.

Logo history
CMFSC Club Logo

The Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club logo is built around a shield which reflects the Club's stability, longevity, and tradition.

The blue and black stripes are a tribute to Inter Milan, a passion of one of the Club's founders. These stripes continue to honour our past while reflecting excellence and distinction.

The words, "Soccer for Life", are inscribed in the centre as a call to action and reminder to all that our goal is to inspire a passion for the game that evolves into lifelong involvement - playing, parenting, coaching, refereeing, and/or volunteering in support of the club and our community.