CMFSC Member Registration

All Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club program registrations are completed through our registration system Power Up. We offer a variety of programs for every age and level of player including team based programs, training programs for all levels, camps, and adaptive soccer. We are certain you can find a program that suits your needs.

2023-2024 Registration Fees

Age Group Birth Year 2023-24 Early Birth Registration Fee
(Register by May 15th)
2023-24 Registration Fee
(After May 15th)
Under 4 - Under 5 2020, 2019 *See program page.
Under 6 - Under 7 2018, 2017 $320 $320
Under 8 - Under 10 2016, 2015, 2014 $352 $402
Under 11 - Under 12 Community 2013, 2012 $352 $402
Under 11 - Under 12 Division 1 & Division 2 2013, 2012 $373 $423
Under 13 Division 1A 2011 $1,072 $1,072
Under 13 Division 1B 2011 $373 $423
Under 13 Division 2 & 3 2011 $373 $423
Under 14 Division 1 2010 $499 $549
Under 14 Division 2 & Division 3 2010 $373 $423
Under 15 Division 1 2009 $499 $549
Under 15 Division 2 & Division 3 2009 $399 $423
Under 16 Metro 2008 $499 $549
Under 16 Division 1 - Division 3 2008 $399 $449
Under 17 Metro 2007 $499 $549
Under 17 Division 1 - Division 3 2007 $431 $481
Under 18 Metro 2006 $499 $549
Under 18 Division 1 - Division 3 2006 $431 $481

Information about new member registrations

If this is your first time registering, please watch the 'How to Register in Power Up' video to assist you with this process. New members must create a guardian account and then add family members (children) they’d like to register. Only programs that match the birth year of the player will be available in the registration centre.

We recommend all members review the following policies in relation to registration:

Registration for Fall/Winter season opens on or around February 15th.


  • All registrations must be done online through Power Up. There will be no in-person registration.
  • Registration fee payments can be made online by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) only. NO CHEQUES OR CASH ACCEPTED. (Prepaid VISA/MasterCard are acceptable).
  • If you are applying for KidSport, or Jumpstart, please contact Member Services before completing registration for further instruction.
  • Per BC Soccer regulations, all players must play in their respective age group and the registration system will automatically do this based on the players’ year of birth. The Technical Director must approve any exceptions.
  • A player may register with the gender team with which the player identifies. All identifications of gender identity by athletes shall be considered to be made in good faith and shall not require further disclosure or documentation. If a player does not identify with one gender specifically, the player may register with the team wherein they feel most comfortable.
  • Players currently registered with another club for the same season are prohibited from registering.
  • International Students, aged 10 to 17, must follow the BC Soccer International Transfer Procedure before continuing with registration.

Registrations made by May 15:

  • All registrations are subject to availability.
  • Returning players will be given preference to be placed on their previous team.
  • Members are to note any team requests on the registration questionnaire at the time of registration. Requests will be reviewed internally and accommodated if possible based on team roster space, skill balance, and other factors.
  • Registration will only be considered complete once full payment is made. For U11 – U18, the player photo and proof of date of birth are also required for registration.
  • Player ID cards will be required for U11 + age groups. In order to create a player ID card, we require a digital upload to our Power Up system of the player’s picture every two years, as well as proof of date of birth.
  • Team placement is not guaranteed for all age groups.

Registrations made after May 15:

  • Placement on a team is not guaranteed. Players may be waitlisted until a spot becomes available - there is no time frame of when OR if this may occur.


  • Some programs will offer a waitlist.
  • There is no time frame or guarantee that players will be added to the program.
  • Members will be contacted via email if a space opens up, and the member will have three business days to make full registration payment at that time. If payment is not received, the player will be put back on the waitlist and the next player in line will be offered the spot.
  • Please review our website to read further about registration and our other club policies including our refund policy, privacy policy, and to find out more information regarding our programs.

Club Registration and Payment Collection Policies

All players are not eligible to play or train until they are fully registered, and fees are paid.

Exceptions to this policy are only made for players who are seeking financial assistance, and only after prior contact with the appropriate club official.

For players on a multiple payment model, should they fail to complete payments, they will be contacted by a club official on three (3) instances over a 30-day period following the due date of the fees. Failure to communicate with the club official and/or making mutually agreeable alternate arrangements will result in their suspension from all club programs.

Unpaid registration fees after the expiry of the 30-day period may also result in the member being removed from the roster and active status within the District and BC Soccer.

Please contact Member Services if you have any further questions.

Information about Financial Assistance Programs

We are committed to helping families in the community reduce financial barriers and provide access to sport. Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club TEAM PROGRAMS are eligible for financial assistance through third-party providers to cover or supplement fees. We recommend members start the application process as early as possible as funding can take months. Please review all the information carefully with each third-party provider and the information they require. *Members that require Financial Assistance are not to register for the season and pay prior to funding being received - please contact Bruce Dent.

KidSport Tri-Cities


All Tri-Cities residents can submit your grant applications online and then contact CMFSC Analyst. *Do NOT register until after you have contacted our Club. 

JumpStart Canada


Applications can be completed directly with JumpStart through their website and a copy is to be emailed to our CMFSC Analyst. Do not register until you have contacted our Club. 


RISE Grants

Applications can be completed directly on the website here: Do not register until you have contacted our Club. 

Please review all the information carefully with each third-party provider and the information they require. For further information about Registration, please review our Registration FAQ above or email our Club Administrator. Members are NOT to complete registration until you have contacted our Club. 

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to present a receipt when attending programs.

To access receipts for programs you have paid and registered for, please first log into your Power Up account. On the left side of the screen, click the RECEIPTS tab. This screen will show all of your past purchases - click the applicable order number to access the receipt. Click the BLUE printer button to print for your records.

We are no longer issuing tax receipts because the Children's Fitness Benefit was phased out in 2016 -

Yes, only those players who register by June 1st will be placed on a team in the pre-determined order of registration (subject to Coach availability). After June 1st, players may be waitlisted. 

Families that register before May 15th will also receive a $50 registration discount for Under 8 - Under 18 programs. 

Jumpstart grant applicants should contact Jumpstart directly for grant forms, but are asked to return a scanned copy of the completed form by email to Bruce Dent - Registrar.

Kidsport grants applicants should contact the CMFSC Registrar to obtain the correct pre-filled form (Evaluation players should do this prior to evaluations).

Please view our Team Selection page for further information.

No, our registration process is only supported on-line.

If at the time you register a program is full, your child will be placed on a waitlist. The waitlist will remain in the order of registrations received. Coordinators will try to find teams for waitlisted players either when an existing player cancels their registration or if new teams open up. If we cannot place a waitlisted player on a team by the start of the season, we will confirm with you and reimburse any fees paid. 

Registrants without online access or credit cards are asked to register online with the assistance of a friend, relative, employer or via public facilities (all local libraries provide free online access) online with a pre-paid credit card….see details of various available cards at:

Members are encouraged to review all refund policies carefully prior to completing registration – visit our website for all program specific refund policies:

Refund requests are to be submitted to

For teams from U11/U12 Select plus U13 to U18, you will be contacted immediately after evaluations (for evaluation team players) or at the team formation evening in June (for non evaluation team players). Our goal for these age groups is to have completion by June 30th.

For U8 to U12 house teams, our goal is to have teams formed by July 31st.

For U4 to U7 (IA), our goal is to have complete information available in Early September based on allocation provided by the School District.

Registration opens for Fall/Winter League on February 15th.

Please click here to Register Now

Please review the webpages found on our website under the tab titled "Programs?

Please review the webpages found on our website under the tab titled "Programs"

Please review the webpages found on our website under the tab titled "Programs"

Please review the webpages found on our website under the tab titled "Programs"

Please review the webpages found on our website under the tab titled "Programs”

To get information on our Under 4 to Under 7 Initiation Academy Team Programming, click here.

Please review the webpages found on our website under the tab titled "Programs"

Questions relating to a specific age group may be emailed to yourAge Group Coordinator (U4-U12) or Member Services (U13-U18) here.

Contact our registrar at bdent/at/