Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Under 8 - Under 18 Coach Handbooks

Each age group from Under 8 - Under 18 is provided with a Coach Handbook as an additional tool regarding Club Philosophy, Team Management, and General Information.

If you have questions regarding any of the information in the handbook or would like to provide feedback, please reach out to Esteban Mora, Director of Development.


Team building activities are a great way to help foster a strong team culture. These activities can range from team building games that require physical and mental challenges to more creative activities such as improvisation exercises, painting, and story writing. Team building activities should be designed to bring out the best in each team member, emphasize collaboration, and encourage problem-solving. By using team building activities as a way to break down barriers and build trust, teams can become more effective and efficient in their tasks.

BC Soccer Additional Resources

Click the below link to access BC Soccer's collection of downloadable pdf documents. These documents include all types of useful information including forms and BC Soccer bulletins:

FIFA 11+ Warm-Ups

The "11+" is an injury prevention programme that was developed by an international group of experts based on their practical experience with different injury prevention programmes for amateur players aged 14 or older. It is a complete warm-up package and should replace the usual warm-up prior to training. We encourage all team officials to review the following documents -

Fifa 11+ Cards

Fifa 11+ Manual

Fifa 11+ Poster

Resource videos:

What is a good...

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What is a good...
What is a good..