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Born in Vancouver, Domenic had a long and celebrated soccer career that includes many accomplishments, however, he will always be remembered most for his playing days as a Vancouver 86er / Whitecap and National Team Member. Domo played each and every be remembered most for his playing days as a Vancouver 86er / Whitecap and National Team Member. Domo played each and every game with precision and skill and was known for his ability to score and win under pressure and is still considered one of the best strikers to ever play for Canada. After his playing days Domenic focused his efforts to passing on his knowledge and passion for the game to the next generation of soccer players. In 2000 Domenic started as the technical director of coaching with the Coquitlam City Soccer Association, eventually building the organization and its programs into one of the most renowned in the Province. Sadly, Domenic Mobilio passed away in November 2004. As much as Domenic was a recognizable figure in the soccer community, so was his trademark number 10 jersey. With Domenic on our minds we all wear the famous number 10 on our backs for all CMFSC Camps. It is in this spirit that we hope to carry Domenic’s legacy forward in our attempts to bring the same enthusiasm and expertise to inspire young

Dom was such an inspiration to me from being at his academy to working with him at his spring and summer soccer camps. From the rides to and from the Whitecaps games and the wind-up parties after camp. To the music blasting in his car and the long talks about soccer. He was my Best Friend and mentor, and out of all the people that have touched my life he touched it the most. I will miss him Forever.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Tony and the Mobilio family.

#10 Amie Lawlor - U16 Gold Impact

Words cannot describe the impact and influence that Dom had on the lives of the people who met him. You can only describe it with a smile, a smile I will never forget. From the time we would make fun of each others soccer skills to the many attempts I made to lock him out of my house. He looked upon life with a giant smile that I am sure everyone has seen and that know one will ever forget. They say that "Legends never die and Friends live on forever" In the hearts of your friends and the people who love you, YOU will live on forever. THANK YOU for your inspiration and most importantly your friendship.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Tony and the Mobilio family.

#10 Andrew Lawlor 

Our deepest sympathies go out to Dom’s friends and the Mobilio, Guzzo families

#22 Coquitlam City Wild 

I am sure I speak for everyone here at Port Moody Soccer - our heartfelt condolences go out to you and the entire Coquitlam City soccer family in the tragic loss of Domenic Mobilio. I know he was a shining light in your program and will be greatly missed…


Al Godin 

On behalf of the Vancouver Area Soccer Referees Association, I would like to send our deepest condolences to the Mobilio family. Domenic was an inspiration for the referees whether it is at Swangard or on the local field. His presence brought the game up a couple of notch. It was nice to see other referees at his prayer and funeral.

Albert Chow 1st Vice President - Vancouver Area Soccer Referees Association

I cannot express how much of a positive influence that Domenic had on me. I have been in his high-performance camps for many years now and I always looked forward to them. He seemed to love being there, and coaching and playing soccer were his passions. Domenic's support and positive attitude left a large impact on anyone who knew him. He always had a smile and something nice to say. I am going to miss seeing him out at all of our soccer practises and games. I want to thank him for touching my life so deeply, and it was an honour to know somebody like him. I will miss Dom with all my heart.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Mobilio family. God Bless.

Alex Muzzin - #11 Coquitlam City Wild

My brother and I first met Domenic when he played for the Philadelphia KiXX, when they were still apart of the NPSL. He was our favorite player, and a very nice guy. We had a local channel do an interview with him where you could call up and ask questions, and my brother called up and got to talk to him. After that time, and after going to every game, we got to know Dom. I think I even had him as a coach at an Easter KiXX Kamp. This past weekend when I heard them announce Domenic died at the KiXX, I was so shocked I just stood their and did not know what to say. My mom and I were only there, so I had to tell my brother and dad later. I just started to cry, and I know that some of the KiXX guys who were on the field, were pretty upset too. Just breaking the news to my dad and my brother was pretty hard too, because they were very upset. I send all my condolences to Dom's family and friends. He will be truly missed.

Alexandra Ridinger and family 

My deepest condolence to the Mobilio family and friends of Domenic.He was a great person and football/soccer ambassador.He represented everthing good about life and the beautiful game.

Respectfully submitted

Andrew Economos. 

Three weeks ago I was privilaged to be on a coaches' training course led by Dominic Mobilio. I left each session as I hope the players I coach will leave my sessions: with hope, enthusiasm, excitement and a huge feel good factor about what soccer in the community is all about... that was and is Dominic's legacy to me and thousands like me. Not since the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster have I experienced such an outpouring of grief from a community united by a common love of soccer. Unfortunately, it is not until such events occur do we truly appreciate what we had and what has been lost. It is testimony to Dominic's involvement on
a grass roots level in the soccer community that so many tributes have poured in and that so many lives have been affected by this tragic loss. From coaching my daughter Emma on rainy Saturdays, to training me to coach others whenever our paths crossed his infectious energy and enthusiasm was there in abundance.

May his good work continue through the foundations he laid and may he rest in peace.

I wish there were more like him.

Andy Cunningham - Coach: CCSA U-10 Girls Jaguars, U-7 Girls Purple Lightning

Please accept my deepest sympathy from the bottom of my heart,I had the privilege and pleasure of being with Dom in Toronto last year at the A licence course. He was and always will be total quality and simply a joy to be around.I can not begin to imagine the sadness you are all going through right now but know this, in our many talks his main focus was always the 'love' he had for his family and friends.

Mr and Mrs Mobilio I owe you a dept of gratitude for fetching such an amazing person into this world. I guess god needed the greatest center forward for his angels 11 and so took the best.I try to smile every time I think of him because I sure did when he was with us.
Take care and god bless you all.

Andy Waughman, - Head Coach North Okanagan Youth Soccer

I am very saddenned by this. You can never understand how someone so young and full of life can be taken this way. It is a huge loss to the Canadian, British Columbia, Vancouver, and most of all Coquitlam City Soccer communities. I can remember being a kid and listening to the calls of "Mooobbbeeelllllliiioooo" during the televised soccer matchs and chanting his name at Swangard when he scored what seemed like goal, after goal, after goal. Although, I can't say that I knew Dom other than quick chats and hellos at Blue Mountain Pk this past couple of months, it's easy to say that he was one-of-a-kind. You would expect that he would be somewhat arrogant and "busy with what he was doing" considering his accomplishments as a player, but he never was, not at all. He was welcoming and had a warm, sensitive way of communicating. I liked what I saw when he was working with the academy girls. He oozed enthusiasm and really showed the girls the way. I could tell that he really cared about what he was doing and about the development of each of his athletes. What a guy. My heart goes out to the Coquitlam City Womens "A" team, all the players, coaches, administrators, families of the youth programs, and the many fans who have been touched by Domenic. To us he was a great player, coach, mentor and person may a piece of Dom show on each and every one of you.He may be gone from your lives and your soccer world, but he has given so much, embrace it and never forget. And to those who knew him personally especially Vince D. (family, team mates, friends) I hope that you can find some light during this dark time. We had a moment of silence for you yesterday. Unbelievable.

Angela Pelleirn - Coquitlam Premier B, Burnaby Girls Soccer Club Coach

It's hard to imagine why God would want to have taken such a fine a person as Dominic Mobilio away from this world so soon. It is obvious from the tributes and emotion that he has touched so many people, and very deeply, whether they personally knew him or not. It is also obvious that, along with his many personal and professional achievements, he has set the standard for behaviour for all to follow on and off the field. A standard that reflects love, caring, enthusiasm, passion and compassion, and a sense of fun. I also pray that another legacy may be that these standards become embedded in all interactions within the soccer community. I pray for the Mobilio family, that they may draw strength from this important legacy. Finally, I pray for those, like Dominic, who dedicate themselves to helping others that we honour and take care of them as they honour and take care of us. Amen.


Domenic was my first major crush. I was no more than 16 at the time, he must have been 25. I live in Toronto and therefore could not see him often... but I waited patiently for him to come and play. I used to look up at every plane that passed, wondering if he was on it.

I never missed a game. Then, at one game, I heard that a "girl from Baltimore" was also there to watch him play. I was devastated : (
It is clear from the statements on this board that the "girl from Baltimore" and I had good taste.
Domenic, you are missed... and I am proud of you!


Its a sad loss of a soccer player, a friend, a mentor and all around awsome guy. My stomach is in knots at how this sports scene just loss a truly great ambassodor of good will and respect! I truly feel for him and his entire family and i give my sincere
condolences to all of them. Everything happens for a reason, i turly believe that and we will never know what that his but i have faith that god takes the good ones early. Dom did so much for the local soccer scene and continued to give back thru his contributions to youth socer. I think he should be taken as an example for all he did and how he touched so many adults and
Its such a shame that at such a young life it had to end so quickly, RIP Dom u will be missed and no that u have touched so many hearts during ur short life that ur work and sacrifice will not go without notice! To Tony and the entire mobilio family my thought and prayers r with u during this trying time, be strong and know that he may be gone physically but NOW hes with u more and more in spirit!
Rest In Peace Domo! u will always have place in my heart. My thoughts and prayers r with u and ur family!

Anthony Canosa 

I am so sad from the news i received on Sunday morning. I have attended many of Domenic's camps and truly believed he was an awesome person. He made soccer enjoyable and yet taught me so many things. I always looked forward to attending his camps. He also found the time to attend many of my teams games and practises throughout the years. He taught us so much. Domenic always had something encouraging to say to us and he always had a smile on his face. He was the best. I will miss you very much and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Ashley DeRose - U-13 Gold Coquitlam Silence #10

To get the opportunity to play for a guy like Dom has truly been an honour. I can honestly say that playing for Tony and Dom has had a huge impact on my life. Dom was the kind of coach that made you want to be a better player, and the kind of guy that made you want to be a better person. I will never forget his enthusiam, his amazing smile, and the way he could make us all laugh. I know for myself, as well as my teammates, every time we step onto a soccer field, it will be for Domo... and I know he will continue to be a proud coach as he watches us from above. Tony, you and your family are in my thoughts and in my heart.

Dom.... thank you for the memories... we'll see you again.

Ashley Newport - Coquitlam City F.C. Premier

It will take a life time to accept, and understand the tragic loss of such a beautiful person, but thankfully we can all share our great thoughts and memories of Dom together. He coached us on our Archbishop Carney girls soccer team last year. We have all been playing soccer for about 12 years now, and we have been blessed to have many great coaches along the way. However, Dom only coached us for one season which lasted 4 months, and with profound confidence, we can all agree that although we have had great coaches along the way, we have never ever had a coach as great as Dom. A memory that will forever be in our hearts is when we went to the provincial tournament in Terrace. We got to know Dom a lot better for the amazing person he was, and every one on our team fell in love with him. We fell in love with how generous, caring, patient, humble and giving he was. Dom was one of the best players of all time and one might think that he would just flash off his great achievements to everyone. In fact, he did quite the opposite. Instead, in such a humble way, it was almost like he gave a peace of himself to everyone that was fortunate to be coached, befriended, and loved by him. And because of that, he enriched so many people's lives in so many ways. Dom will forever live on in our hearts, and in our memories of him.

To our adored team mate Mellissa, who we know Dom loved with all of his heart, and to Dom's parents, brothers and to everyone else who's lives were affected by this great loss....you're all held the closest to our hearts and our thoughts. May God bless you at this time of loss.

"Just Giver" crew:

Ashley Yeamans, Jana Ellis, Kristen Vanderpauw, Nicole Burtini 

Domenic Mobilio wasn't only the head coach of Coquitlam city but the sweetest most kindest guy there was. Domenic always wanted the best from everyone and made sure that everyone had fun in soccer. I remember the fisrt day I played soccer. I went to Domenic's camp he showed me many new skills and how all the positions were played. I remember that was the day I realized that's what I wanted to do, and what my passion was. Domenic Mobilio got me to love soccer and I'm sure he got many others to as well. Domenic was always here for everyone and talked to us about anything. We've all had many memories with Domenic and those memories will stay with us forever. Domenic was a role model for alot of us and no one will forget the things that we learned from him. We love him and will miss him always.

Our condolences to the Mobilio family.R.I.P.

Ayla Protopsaltis #10 

The Technical Department of the British Columbia Soccer Association would like to pass on its condolences to the Mobilio family, Domenic’s many friends and all of the young players that Domenic was able to reach out to and inspire. We have all lost a tremendous person, a caring and passionate man, and more than anything, a great friend. The incredible talent that Domo dazzled us all with for years and his passion for coaching have set benchmarks that all of his friends and colleagues will always aspire to reach.
Domo, we thank you for giving so much back to the game of soccer and your community, your commitment to what you would always so proudly call “my Coquitlam kids”, your passion and love of what you did every day of your life, and for letting us all know that we always had a friend to talk to.
As we say good bye for the last time, it is only appropriate to close with a chant that will always echo through Swangard Stadium, as it did every time you scored a goal: “Thank you very much Domenic Mobilio!”

David Irvine
Staff Coach
Coaching Development
Head Coach, Under 14 Girls Provincial Program
British Columbia Soccer Association

BCSA Technical Department - (David Irvine, Michael Findlay, Mark Parker, Markus Reinkens, Jason Elligott) 

The unthinkable has happened and as we try to come to terms with this awful tragedy our family would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Dominic's family and many, many friends. This is a huge loss for our soccer family in Coquitlam City Soccer and Dominic's contribution to our club will be so greatly missed. It is my hope that every single player that worked with Dominic practices what he taught them and carries with them a little piece of Dominic in their dedication to the great game of soccer that he so loved. His legacy will live on in our children as they grow and take with them the spirit of the game that Dominic so graciously shared with us.

Beth, Mike and Karlee Butschler - Coquitlam City Soccer

Dear Mobilio Family,

On behalf of the SSA President Rob Newman, the SSA Board of Directors and all members of the Saskatchewan Soccer Association, I would like to send you our heartfelt condolences for your tragic loss. We wish you strength and hope in this difficult time and will keep you in our hearts and prayers.

Yours in Soccer,

Bjorn Osieck - Executive Director - Saskatchewan Soccer Association

It is with shock and horrifying despair that I offer my condolences to the Mobilio family and to all of those who counted Dom as a friend and mentor. There is so much sadness and disbelief in this tragedy because of the person that Dom was to so many. Clearly, he deeply touched the hearts of his family and the soccer community all across Canada.

On a personal level, it is rare to find somebody who shares a passion for something who is so willing reach out to see how others are getting on. The coaching community is a small one, and Dom was one of the leaders in trying to build relationships. I have truly enjoyed getting to know Dom over the past year in particular. I am saddened to lose a friend and a colleague. All of the experiences that were to be shared in future are irreplaceable.

Dom's spirit and knowledge will live on in all of the players and coaches that he touched. To all of you who were lucky enough to have played for him, remember his advice and play with the passion that he passed on to you.

Dom, the impact that you had on the community was greater than even you knew. You will be missed by all.

Bob Birarda 

On behalf of all the players, coaches, managers and administrators of the Metro Womens Soccer League we were saddened by the sudden and untimely passing of Dominic. Our heartfelt condolences to the Mobilio family. Dominic was an outstanding individual on and off the soccer field. He will be sorely missed by all who were fortunate enough to know him.

Bob Cormack - MWSL

On behalf of all the members of the Westminster District Youth Soccer Association, I would like to offer our sincere condolences to the Mobilio family and friends. It is amazing how many players and families Dom touched in his short time working with the CCSA. Dom seemed to have time for everyone, and always went out of his way to pass on words of encouragement. His willingness to unselfishly pass on his soccer knowledge, was only surpassed by his ability to pass on his passion and love for the game, and kindle that fire in so many young players. Thankyou Dom, we are all better for having known you.

Bob Favelle - Chair Westminster District YSA

It comes as heartfelt sorrow to hear the sudden passing of Domenic. I had the great pleasure of working with Domenic. Young soccer players and coaches are definitely the beneficiary of Dom’s cheerful, joyous and professional approach to coaching. He exuded enthusiasm! Domenic had the touch of being a true professional on and off the field. He will be greatly missed! My deepest condolences go out to Tony and the Mobilio family. Rest in peace Dom.

Brad Higgs 

As a long time member of the Coquitlam soccer community I will find myself forever grateful to have had the fortune of coming across someone of Dom's pedigree, stature and sheer brilliance both as a player and especially as a person. This very humble man always had time for a smile, a little wink or a joke, anything to bring a little laughter to any occassion. He was an absolute pleasure to spend time with. His football legacy will remain always and the people, especially all of the local kids whom he was currently influencing so much, will be touched forever. A true BC soccer legend is gone but never forgotten.

My deepest condolences to Tony and all of the Mobilio family.

Brad Leitch - Soccer Express / Coquitlam City Soccer

I ony meet Dominic once but he seemed like a nice person. I heard about him when I was a little kid and that made me want to play soccer like him. I will always remember him as a great soccer player and as a great soccer coach.

Brett Hooge 

Domenic was one of those special people involved in youth sports. I didn’t know him well as a player, I knew him best as a coach passionate about helping his community and all the players around him. When I called Dom to tell him the new field at Charles Best was almost ready he jumped in his excitement. He was so happy that a top class facility was going to be available to help the players enjoy the game even more. Domenic wanted the best for Coquitlam, was a great ambassador for the game and loved coaching. Soccer in British Columbia would do well to remember a simple lesson he tried to instill in his players: love the game, work together and have fun.

Bruce Dent - Team Manager, CCS Strykers U11 Select Girls

Doug, on behalf of the board of directors of Cliff Avenue United FC we would like to send our condolences to both Coquitlam City and the Domenic Mobilio's family. This is truly a great loss to the local soccer community.


Bruno Di Spirito - President, Cliff Avenue United FC

On behalf of the Ontario Soccer Association's technical department, we wish to express our condolences to the Mobilio family. Dominic is still a Canadian soccer hero to us all. His gifts as a player and human being contributed massively to putting in the hearts of young soccer players the possibility of becoming a Canadian Professional Soccer player. As well as being a colleague and friend mine personally, it was my honour to have competed against Dominic in the CSL . His memory will be cherished by us all in Ontario Soccer.

Bryan Rosenfeld - Manager of Player Performance Ontario Soccer Association

It is with great sadness that I write this note. My condolences go out to all of Dom's family and friends. I can only imagine the grief you must be feeling and I hope you take some comfort in reading these tributes as Domenic was truly a wonderful person. I have not spoken with Domenic in several years but was fortunate to be his team-mate for 2 years on the youth team in the late 80's. Not only was Domenic a great player but he was a joy to be around. In reading all of the tributes it is obvious how many memories he has left us with.

Burk Kaiser and family - Calgary, AB

Our deepest condolences go to Doms family. We had the pleasure of meeting him at the first summer camp he held. The boys were thrilled to be learning from a legend .Since then they’ve not missed a camp or clinic or an academy. That was the way Dom made you feel. Not like you had to be there but that you couldn’t wait to get there. As of late we have had the pleasure of playing on the u-9 development team. Tyler has never been happier than when he found out he was going to be on the team and DOM’S GONNA BE MY COACH MOM!!!!! Dom had a way of making you feel good whether you’d known him for five minutes or five years. I don’t think it’s really set in and I’m still not sure if it ever really does but, let’s hope that we all try to follow in his footsteps not just on the pitch but in our everyday lives. Take pride in what you do and in who you are. Live life to the fullest and he will live on forever. RIP

Carlos Laverne Tyler and Abriel Da Silva 

I had the pleasure of getting to know Domenic during my years working for the 86ers and BC Youth Soccer Association. In more recent years, I was proud to call him a friend. My heart goes out to the Mobilio family, and Dom's many, many friends.

I'll miss you Dom - you'll be in our hearts always.

Carly Johnstone 

domenic had a great attitude over a lot of things. I found him as a role modal and wish I had realized it before he had past. he made an effect on me and to work as hard as he does every practice I have with him. as I found out he had past I gave a moment of silence and remembered a couple of his soccer tips as I will remember forever. he had touched my hart with soccer. when I had started I didn't like it as much but once I went into his camps I found its a lot more then kicking the ball around. to domenic thanks R.I.P

Carly Sedlacek - U14 Silver A Cougars

I can speak about Dom for days on end and how much he means to me, and what he has brought to my life. He was just one of those people who you loved to be around, loved to talk and always seemed to bring the life to every situation. There was never a dull moment with him. I knew that he lived his life to the fullest and he taught me to do the same. Regardless of the fact that I met Dom only two short years ago, he has made huge impact in my life. I never had the honor of having him as my formal coach,

but after every Whitecaps game both he, and Tony Mo were there to pat me on the back or tell me what I should have done better. His advice was always made so much sense and I took it to heart. I had the utmost respect for him and he will
go down as one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He had the all the qualities in a person and friend that I look for today. Dom is now a part of me and I that part will drive me to do incredible things, on and off the field. I send my deepest condolences to the Mobilio family and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Rest in Peace Dom,

Love always

Carmelina Moscato 

Domenic always had the uncanny ability to brighten up a room. He was the first to gather the troops during a game and after the game. He will be remembered by me as an incredible athlete and person. I remember Dom visiting Edmonton while playing for Philadelphia. The visit caused a stir not only in our locker room but in the whole city. Everybody stopped what they were doing just to get out with him share a story, share a drink, and share the thought that we would have a lot of time to tell more stories. Well Dom you brought us together then, and your doing it now in your absence. The soccer fraternity owes a lot to the messages you sent on and off the field. You'll never be forgotten because you exist in all the professionals and youth that you have touched over the years, including me. I hope your looking down proud of what you have given in your time here, because we are proud of you.

Cheers Dom

Carmine Isacco 

As a former CCSA Executive, I had the pleasure of getting to know Domenic. I remember you dropping to your knees to teach my then three year old Daughter how to kick a soccer ball, and when she did you gave her the "High Five" and a kiss on the cheek...she was so proud! The Knowledge and Experience you so generously shared and your passion and dedication to the sport has inspired so many of our Youth. The Warmth of your Smile and your wonderful upbeat personality has touched the lives of more than you would ever know.
"Thank You Domenic"

My deepest sympathies to the Mobilio Family, Friends and to Domenic's many Affiliations.

Carol L. Veltin 

The sudden passing of Dominic Mobilio can only be described as an absolute tragedy and a loss from which we will never recover. It is with great sadness that I offer my condolences to the family of Dominic, his friends and all who knew him. His countless achievments aside, Dominic was a great friend, a tremendous coach, a true leader and inspiration to all coaches and players. Efforts are in place to continue with the Mobilio Academy of Excellence along with the ongoing clinics and soccer camps, never straying form the philosophies that Dominic so greatly endorsed and practiced. This is a true loss to all, especially the children and to those who will never know him. I am honored to be a part of a club that has obviously thrived on his leadership and knowledge. You will be sorely missed.

Carrie Campbell - VP Competitive Boys, Coquitlam City Soccer

Domenic Mobilio was a great coach, friend and all around a great person. I know that I will never forget all of those amazing memories at his camps and all of the skills he has taught me over the years. He was such a nice person and he cared so much about soccer and about everyone. Im going to miss him a lot. I know soccer will never be the same without him here cheering us on. Thank you so much for everything you have done Dom I will never forget you Rest In Peace.

Cayli Contini 

As for everyone , the news about Domenic was a shock.We have had the chance to have him come out and grace us with his skills as he has done for so many. Always a kind soft word or a smile, Coach, Player, Friend or just a guy to talk to, Domenic u will be truly missed.

CCS HelCats u17 -- Family & Friends 

It is with great sadness that we hear of the passing of Dom. Dom will definitely be missed in alot of peoples lives. I personally admired how he always made the effort to talk to everyone that wanted to talk. Unfortunately his shoes will never be close to being filled again...he was a champion, on and off the field. I thank him for his understanding and positiveness to kids with the desire and love of the game of soccer. When my daughter was injured , he made the effort to keep in touch with how her recovery was going...and always had positive things to say.I will never forget how he always made the effort to commend my daughter on her committment and dedication to the travel time she did to get to practises and games. We will treasure the times we were able to get to know Dom, and will carry that forever in our hearts. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his family and relatives at this very tragic difficult time. "God Only Takes The Best"

With lots of prayers and support,

Chantelle Robertson (last year player for Coquitlam Wild) - Gerri Robertson

As I read through the preceding tributes, it is clear that this incredible man has left an outstanding legacy not only with his shining example and record-breaking talents on the soccer pitch, but seemingly more so off the field, as well. With so many players, parents, and coaches taking and vowing to carry on this example, skill and love for the game, this legacy will reach farther and wider than it already has. His gracious personality is something which is quite remarkable to me - a man with such an outstanding history, but so humble and genuine in his interactions. It was always such a thrill to see him (we moms would always consider this a treat) and then when he'd greet and speak with you in such a relaxed, personal manner, it wasn't hard to understand why absolutely everyone you knew felt this man was truly someone special. He was one of the main reasons our daughter, Annelies, has travelled week after week for the past year and a half from Delta to play with the Coquitlam U-16 Wild team. We feel honoured to have known him for this time and are deeply saddened that it couldn't have been longer. It is our hope that his legacy will live on through the actions of each of us and that he will be honoured with the new turf at Best High being named for him. It is also our hope that with the season of giving approaching that we will remember the Heart and Stroke Foundation as well as the many other worthy charities with our donations. Domenic Mobilio has died, but his spirit never will...

Charlotte, Gunter and Annelies Post 

To me, Domenic was a role model, a friend, and most of all a hero. His great efforts towards the Coquitlam City Soccer Association were unforgettable, as he dedicated hours of his time and effort so kids like you and me could enjoy and see soccer the way he did. His great passion for this sport was not unseen, and we will NEVER forget Domenic. As a friend, fan, and follower, I would like to express that Domenic left everyone with a memory that can never be replaced.

Rest in peace, Domenic Mobilio.

Chelsea Craig - U14 Gold Coquitlam City Eagles

As a fan, I have fond memories of Domenic’s career, both with the Vancouver 86er’s and the Canadian National Team. I will forever be a fan of one of the greatest soccer talents that Canada has ever produced. I only wish the national team had enough overall talent to climb back on to the world stage, because I think Domenic would have shone there.
I can not imagine the emotions that are going through the Mobilio family as well as his young charges with Coquitlam City SC. There is no way to explain this tragedy, how someone in the prime of his life - with so much yet to offer - could be taken from them in that manner. My heart and my prayers go out to all of them.

Cheryl Martin 

My family and I would like to express our deepest sympathy and condolences to the Mobilio family. I first noticed Domenic as a player when he was playing juvenile soccer, after a few minutes I knew he had that special something that all coaches dream of, a natural, clinical finisher. He had a cool head in heavy traffic, and was able to always be in the right place at the right time. I'm sorry that I never had the opportunity to coach Domenic because I admired the way he played. This is a terrible loss but he will always be remembered as someone who loved the game very much, and put a lot of smiles on peoples faces when he played.

Chris Bennett and family. 

Dom was not only a coach, a son, a brother but a mentor and friend to all. He was the sweetest man in the world and i will always remember you and how much you cared about me. You always pushed me to strive for the better and play as hard as i could no matter what anyone said. He was the one that believed in me, when others did not. He was always there to help me. Without him I probably wouldn't of had such a great soccer year this year, so many opportunities so many memories. Everytime i would step on the field i would always think what Dom said to me one day when i was in doubt, "Just go out there and play your game, get all the bad thoughts out of your head and just play like you can. You can do it i know you can" The days i spent with you are the days i cherish so much and i wished i had spent even more days around you. Though i cannot see you smiling face again, or listen to your jokes ill have all those happy memories stored in my heart. Winning the Diadora Cup was a very big memory that ill remember for ever, it takes a great coach to do what you did to us and the Tri-City Xtreme team was the best year I've ever had in soccer, and i don't think it would of been such a great year without a guy like you Dom. So much charisma and passion, ill never forget. Anytime i needed to talk Dom was there with open arms, he was like my mentor and i looked up to him so much. Ill miss you forever Dom you might be #10 but your number 1 in my heart.

Christina Orologio 

Domenic Mobilio

You truly were an angel
sent from God in heaven above.
Your shocking death just broke the hearts of everyone you loved.
When I found out that you had died
I thought that they were wrong.
You were so alive and then
just like that, you were gone.

You have left me with many memories
I miss you everyday.
Sometimes I think of you,
Not more than today.
You'll never be forgotten,
In my heart you are there to stay.
I wish I could talk to you,
Where ever you may lay.

Not a day goes by where I don't think of you
hoping that you'd come back so the days won't be gloomy and blue.
Though sometimes In my mind I forget that you're dead
but I'll make sure you will keep on living in my head.

I am always hurting
And I always seem to cry.
Everyone is leaving
and they don't even get the chance to say goodbye.

Only you could fill the empty void.
I say a prayer asking God to take care of you.
We miss you and we love you.
In our hearts is where you’ll stay,
Until we meet again in Heaven someday.

A love is lost.
and hearts are broken.
A life is gone.
These words are spoken.

We love you Dom with all our might

Please shine down your heavenly light.


Christina Orologio 

This being my first year coaching with Coquitlam City Soccer I had the privilege to meet Domenic at the start of this season & within the first hour his enthusiasm was contagious. He had me truly excited about the prospect of helping kids learn to love the game as I do & I looked forward to taking advantage of the coaching clinics & opportunities within CCSA to achieve this. As an individual he inspired both players & coaches & he'll be missed.

Christina, Andre, Calle & Kess Bellet 

My prayers go out to the Mobilio family. I got to know Domenic this Sept when I helped him do some of the soccer clinic to get my coaching certicate. From the moment I met him I knew that he had such a huge heart and a lot a passion for soccer and kids. Two weeks ago I called Domenic to ask him to come to one of our soccer practice to give me and my assistant Patrick some advice or some feedback because we were racking our brains wondering why we were not winning any of our games or even coming close. Domenic promised he would come has soon as he had a free Thursday night however he was taken from us before he could make it. Sundays game we did a moment of silence and dedicated the game to him. Guess what we won 1 nothing and to boot my daughter scored the goal. So he didn't back out of his promise he was there. 

We will miss you Domenic,

Christina, Jonathan, Ian and Josie - U10 Girls Gunners

Domenic Mobilio is one of the classiest sports personalities this Province has ever produced. In this age of millionaire sports heroes and movie entertainers it is very difficult to find individuals who display the kind of commitment, passion and character that Domenic has given his hometown and the sport of soccer. If he had been as successful at hockey, football, basketball or baseball as he was at soccer, he surely would of been a gazzillionaire. But that didn`t matter to Domenic, he gave 110% of his commitment all the time. The NHL players could learn a thing or two about that. I am personally shocked and deeply saddened as is everyone in the soccer community. Domenic will be greatly missed by me, by you, by my kids, by your kids, by everyone he ever touched. May god bless Dom and may god bless his whole family.

Ciao, Eric, Janet, Loryn and Chantel 

Please accept my most sincere condolences to the family of Dominic on behalf of myself. I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Dominic in Vancouver when we were trying for our National B licenses. His enthusiasm was contagious and Canadian Soccer lost something very special, as well as the rest of us. 


Claudio Carnali - Calgary, Alberta

I spoke with Domenic a couple of weeks ago at a press conference he looked as fit as ever. He was enjoying his new life as a soccer coach and the added responsibility that went along with the job. When I spoke with Barry Crocker and Alan Errington on Saturday evening we were all in a state of shock. When a "team mate" passes away as suddenly as this you realize how close the soccer community is. Dom was one of the games "good guys". He always seemed to be in a good mood and when it came time to sign autographs he never turned anyone away. He was clinical in front of goal and was a real handfull to play against.He will be sorely missed by his family, and the young players that he was quite clearly making a big impression on in Coquitlam.
From everyone at Abbotsford Soccer Association and the Miller family we send our condolances to the Mobilio family.

Colin Miller 

Dom we will never forget the great memories you leave in our hearts.

Colleen Burtini 

I'm honored to say that Domenic was a friend, a team-mate, and a coaching colleague. He was a true professional in every aspect of the game and will be sorely missed by myself & everyone at the Surrey United Soccer Club.

Craig Dalrymple 

With the sudden death of Dom I find myself looking for happier/lighter memories just so I won't be overwhelmed with the saddness. I remember when the club first hired Dom to be our Head Coach. Many moms both young and a little older grinned at the prospect of this good looking young man being part of our club. Then came the smile. He smiled and charmed his way into all our hearts. But little did we know the best was yet to come because beneath the good looks and charm was an extremely well-mannered, respectful, intelligent, fun person who touched the lives of many people. He was at ease with the very young players, was a tremendous role model for the older players and a great asset to our association. I will miss our meetings going over equipment stuff, I will miss his input when he came to help our Silver B team and I will miss talking to him on the sidelines of my son's games. I will just miss him. To his parents and family, his time with us was too short and we share in your grief. He accomplished more than many of us dream of and I feel blessed that he became a part of my family's life. Good-bye Dom, you will not be forgotten.

Cydney Smythies - Equipment Manager, Assistant Coach U14 Colts, Manager U16 Boys Gunners

Dominic’s work was truly “world class” for Coquitlam City soccer and for all the young kids (and parents) that he coached and mentored. We will all miss this outstanding leader and athlete!! Dominic & family- thank you for everything that you have done for Coquitlam and for our soccer family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Mobilio family.

Dale & Connie McILwrick – Nicola & Samantha & Matthew - Coquitlam City Soccer family

On behalf of the Metro-Ford Soccer Club, I would like to convey our sincere condolences to the Mobilio family and to the Coquitlam City Soccer Club on the loss of Domenic. Domenic has been an excellent ambassador, technical director, coach and citizen in our community and his loss will be felt by everyone who had the privilege to meet him, play with him and be coached by him. His incredible abilities on the field were only surpassed by his demeanour and pleasant personality off the pitch. He was a first class individual.

Personally, I will never forget playing with and against Dom. He could do things on the field that I could only dream of and playing next to him made me a better player. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent off the pitch discussing friends, former players, coaching experiences and soccer philosophies with him.

As on the field, Dom had a vision and a goal that he set out to accomplish and he did this with great style and grace.

We will miss you Domenic.

Dan Jones and family - Metro-Ford Soccer Club

Although I only met Dominic a few times over the past four years as assistant coach of my son's team, I remember seeing him at meetings and Friendship tournaments, and being deeply impressed by his obvious love of the game, and more importantly the joy he got from seeing kids play and excell at the sport he loved so much. Seeing Dominic speak with the kids, deal with enthusiastic parents, sit through meetings and convey his passion to the hundreds of volunteers at CCSA every year was a real eye opener. Dom will be sorely missed, not only as a player and coach, but mostly as a kind generous decent human being. Our condolences to his family and all those who knew him.

Dan, Pam, Jackson and Kendra Malicki 

Over the years I have attended many soccer camps and clinics run by Domenic. Clinic after clinic, I got to know him very well. He was so kind and polite, and seemed to actually enjoy teaching the kids. It always surprised me by how devoted he was to the things that mattered to him. He has inspired me so much, and has taught me many lessons - on and off the field. On Saturday I ran into him for the last time. Now I wish I had know I wouldn't be seeing him again. There's so much I would've said. I already miss him so much, but I'm glad I had a chance to say goodbye.

Danielle Foucher - U15 Eagle Ridge Extreme

Hello : I would like to give my condolences to the family for the loss of Domenic he was a good soccer player even a better human being ! I represent the Native Indian Football Assn on Vancouver Island in Cowichan. Domenic came to our community to do a soccer camp with our 1st nations youth and he really impacted the young people - many dreams were born that day ! I justed to thank the family for sharing him with the canadian soccer community he has left us with many memories and a strong legacy for all of us to follow ! He is in a great place now ! Our prayers are with the family take care GOD BLESS!

Dano Thorne - NIFA

I was deeply saddened to hear of Dominic’s death last weekend. I had the privilege to play with him if only for a short time. His presence and performance at training and in games was a pure joy to watch and be around. A true football personality, he made all around him play with a smile on their face and a belief in their minds. Dominic oozed class on and off the field. Deepest sympathy to Domenic's family

Darren Tilley 

Hello there Coquitlam city, I like everyone else here has had dealings with Dom wether it was on the pitch discussions or having a pint or two,what a great human-person what pedigree he is,my father & I have been involved in vancouver soccer for 10 -12 years now & seen some different funny things out there!but when you get a person of Domenic's caliber you recognize it, true footballer-dedicated to the upbringing of future athletes, bless you & the rest of the mobilio family.

Dave & Gary Corr 

It is so overwhelming to see the manner and way in which Domenic touched the lives of those around him throughout his much too short time with us. While we all have that special memory or moment to reflect upon it is truly the mark of a remarkable person when so many people from so many different walks of life express the fantastic impact and lasting memory that one person has left amongst us. We are all thankful for the memories that have been shared both on and off the soccer pitch. His influence and impact on players both young and old is a tribute to the infectious personality that he carried with him everyday, and his efforts and visions for soccer in Coquitlam should not be lost or forgotten, but should instead be pursued and realized.
Domenic - you may be gone but you will never be forgotten.

Dave, Sheila, Kingsley, Michael, and Kyle Jones - Metro Ford Soccer

Dominic was a good man! He was coaching us the high porformens camps. He was fun to be around, Although he was strict when it came to soccer. I will always remember him as a great man.

David Barbour 

To the Mobilio Family and Friends,

On behalf of the CSA Technical Office, all of the National Team Coaches and Staff, the Boys U15 team here in Mexico and the Staff comprising of Stephen Hart, Kevin Muldoon, Ray Clark and myself, we would all like to express our condolences to the family.
Domenic was a great teammate, colleague, a true Canadian who wore the national team jersey with great pride and joy, but most of all he was also a great friend not only to me, but also the CSA Staff and also of some of the boys who are here with us in Mexico.
As most people are including ourselves we are all shocked at the news of his passing, but we wished to express that he is not forgotten no matter where we all are.
Again, our condolences to the family as you go through this difficult time. All of us here in Mexico wish we could be with you at this time, but our thoughts and prayers are with you.


David Benning Technical Programs Manager / National Staff Coach - Canadian Soccer Association


A simple thank you, for everything you did. from u-17 gold panther's

David Fairley 

Domenic Mobilio - I have known of him for years, but I first met Dom three years ago. I was looking for some striker specific training for my daughter, so I sought out the best…..Dominic Mobilio!

The first time I met Dom, I remember how thrilled I was to meet the man whose soccer achievements are legendary. He was the Gretsky of Canadian soccer. But what surprised me was his genuineness and gentleness. Dom had no arrogance, none of the superiority so often associated with talented superstars. Dom was just “a guy”, your pal, a buddy! At one point, when I asked him if he would autograph a Whitecaps jersey as a Christmas gift for my 14 year old daughter, he seemed surprised, but happily obliged…. for her, knowing that it may be an encouragement for her. That’s just the kind of guy he was. I left that first meeting with the knowledge that I had made a new friend.

Dom liked what he saw in my daughter, (and, knowing what I now know about him, I’m sure what he tried to see in everyone’s child he came in contact with). Each week Dom and my daughter worked together on various striker skills. I tended goal and shagged balls. He established a warm and encouraging relationship with her in no time, and often during their sessions they would break out in spontaneous laughter…about what I still have no clue! But every day my daughter would come away from her time with him feeling happy and her skills improved. She sensed what I know is true about Dom….he was passionate about soccer!….and he genuinely cared about her! Consequently, when she was preparing for a big soccer event she always wanted to get together with him to get ready, and he always made time to do it. And, he was always the first to be called about her exciting news, and was always one of the first to call to congratulate her when he heard great news about her accomplishments. She will miss him very, very much, but she will always remember his lessons and play the way he would have wanted her to play. She was too young to remember him as a player, but he is still legendary to her!
Over our too few years as friends, I met his parents, his brother Tony, & his cousin (Dom2). I saw a bit about why he was who he was. I also saw how he shared the agony when family members experienced hardship. Dom loved his family. Empathy is a quality that Dom was long on….but family was number 1!

We met often for lunch, a drink, or a round of golf, and talked soccer, investments, girls, and about my daughter’s soccer future. He was always there if you needed a hand or an ear, and I valued his friendship. I have lost a good friend, and I will grieve my loss for a long time.

Soccer, and the world too, are poorer without him. His legacy, though, lives on within me and my wife and daughter, and within all the soccer players and teammates who he has touched. It is not goodbye Dom, it is see you later! and Thank you! You were one of the good guys, and we will never forget you!

David, Lynne & Bryn 

A friend and mentor...
Growing up in Vancouver there was one person I looked up to and he was Domenic Mobilio. His ability and success was a benchmark that I strived to achieve throughout my career. Very few players are touched with a special ability to be a game changer, a game winner, and Domenic was both of these. Upon getting to know Domenic more personally, I feel that my admiration for
him was misguided. Indeed, he was a game winner and a game changer, but upon reflection he is much more than that, he was a life changer. It is very rare that one person touches so many people, on so many levels, in so many ways, and that is what Domenic was, very rare. He has insired me to become a better player, a better coach, but most importantly a better person. Our warmest sympathies are with the Mobilio family at this difficult time.

Davide Xausa and the Xausa and Lep families 

I met him in a course I took last year to get my B license coaching for first the time. I heard the name but never met the guy until that time. Over days of course we got to know each other and made a friendship...he was a very nice and down to earth kind of guy and it was pleasant to have conversation with him. I felt the bond of friendship that I will miss now. May god rest his sole in peace....we will miss him turbidly....my thought and prayer is with his family.

Davood Moradi 

I don't think to many club coaches had such a hands on style as Domenic did.I think we were Very fortunate to have had the time we did with him.To his family and friends,and a special thought for one of our teammates ,our deepest sympathy.


Denice Mattock 

Domenic Mobilio was OUR pride and joy. He lived and breathed the soccer life. This east side man put Vancouver and Canada on the map. When he was playing soccer, we were all glued to the game. Our country has lost a leader.His untimely passing has affected us all. On behalf of myself and my family, I extend my deepest sympathies to the Mobilio family.

May God grant you peace, Domenic.

Dennis Malamas - Vancouver, BC, Canada

I CAN HEAR THE CHANTS FROM THE SWANGUARD STANDS MO-BILI-OH. HE WAS A GREAT INSPIRATION TO ALL WHO KNEW HIM AND ALL WHO WERE HIS FANS. What a tragic loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all that knew him and loved him. You will be missed Domenic.

Donna, Scott, Jessica, Christie & Katie Harper 

This is absolutely devastating. My daughter Loren, plays for the "Wild". We came to this association at U-14 because of one main reason....Domenic Mobilio. He is a class act for this game that is so rare to find, if at all. Loren did not even go to the Provincial program this past season because she wanted the opportunity to play for Domenic and the "Extreme" Team and get his incredible coaching experience. Sometimes you as an athlete, choose a team for it's ability, and sometimes you choose a team for it's coach. This was all about the coach. I as a parent have been fotunate enough to have built a great friendship with Domenic, and not only have I lost a good friend, but my daughter has lost a true role model.

We will miss you Domenic!!

Doug and Loren 

Growing up in Newfoundland I can recall countless evenings watching Domenic and his 86ers on TSN. Being an avid soccer player I used to love to watch the countries best players and Domenic was definitely one of those for sure. His great knack for being at the right place and his finishing were the traits I remember the most. More than once I pretended to be “Mobilio” as I played many a game back home. I can still hear the announcer drag his name out after he scored one of his many goals. He had a great playing career and he was also in the process of giving back to the soccer community with his coaching. His passing is a deep loss for the country and to all those who had the pleasure of watching him play.

Douglas Campbell 

I was speaking with friends who had the pleasure of meeting Domo when we were teammates in Edmonton. One friend told me of the time he came to meet up with me and ran into Domo in the Lobby of our hotel. Not only was my buddy ecstatic about meeting Domenic Mobilio, a Canadian soccer legend, but that he had an opportunity to talk to him. That was the kind of guy Domenic was, he had time for everybody.

Thanks Domenic, you were a great teammate and a better friend. Your zest for life and contagious laugh will always be remembered. I am truly a better person for knowing you. God Speed Buddy.

Douglas Holloway 

Our prayers are with the Mobilio family in their time of need. God be with you!
In Sympathy,

E. Luigi & Lilliana Pasin 

In all my dealings with Domenic as a fellow member of the CCS executive he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was polite, accomodating and passionate in his role as Head Coach. We will sorely miss him!

Ed Foucher - CCS webmaster

It was with great sadness and shock that I heard about the sudden death of Domenic.As a coach that had the opportunity to work with him and compete in the CSL I know how good he was.At this time I have been asked to pass on from many Coaches and players in Ontario our deepest condolences to all the family and friends of Domenic.

Ed McBride - former National Team Asst and Ont Prov Head Coach.

No words can ever express to the way Domenic inspired us all. An amazing player, great coach and a dear friend.We miss you already!

Eddie Mukahanana - Lower Island Soccer Association, District Development Centre - Victoria, BC

I have had the chance to play with you and I soon realized how good you were on and off the field.  Dominic you always be in our heart, we will miss you and never forget you. I would like to send my deepest condolences to the Mobilio family.

Eduardo Sebrango - Montreal Impact

The few opportunities I had to spend time on and off the field with Domenic were enough for me to come to appreciate one of the most skilled and extraordinary goal scorer Canada has ever had, but the trait he was truly distinguished by was his humbleness and genuineness, two rare characteristics in professional sport.
My sincere condolences to the Mobilio Family.

Enzo Concina 

There are no words to explain how i felt when i heard the news. While attending the Domenic Mobilio High Performance Camp since the start, and having the privilege of playing for him on the Tri-City Xtreme soccer team, i thought of Dom not only as a brilliant soccer player and coach, but as a great friend. When i played for him there was never any pressure, he just wanted the team to play well, and to be exactly that; a team. Dom always loved teams who actually tried to play the game of soccer the way it was meant to be played,well, he taught us that, and that is why he enjoyed spending so much time with our team. When the Coquitlam U-14 Metro Girls made it to the U-14 Nationals, he was all for coming with us, even if they were in Halifax. We won Nationals and Dom was with us every step of the way. So lets make it our goal this year as the Coquitlam City Wild to make it to Newfoundland and return to Nationals for U-16. Dom might not board the plane with us, but he'll forever be in our hearts wherever we go, and no matter where we're playing, he'll always be on the sidelines cheering us on like he always did. Dom dedicated so much of his time to Coquitlam City Soccer Association, some would ask him if he had a life away from soccer, but that's the thing, he did have a life, and that life meant a lot to not only soccer, but to his family. My heart goes out to Mel, Dom, Elena, Michael, and the rest of Dom's family during this time of sorrow.

Erin Snelling - #5 Coquitlam City Wild

I've known Domenic since his youth days playing for Metro Ford and have watch many games and followed his career here in Canada and Overseas.Domenic will be missed by all coaches and children of CCS.He has the patience to teach something, he was really passioned about: "soccer for children". His stature and appearance attracted all soccer players young and old.I nick named him "Mr OneTouch". This void cannot easily be filled. We will keep his vision in memory. and send condolence to all his family and friends.

Ferdinand Klapwijk, Tony Nicholson - U16 Silver A Girls Breakerz.

On behalf of my family, Kevin, Matthew, Andrea, my wife Virginia we like to offer our condolences to the Mobilio family and feel for them in this difficult time. Hope you will find peace and love. Dom gave us a role model and inspired children and all the children at CCS. His High Performance camps which he ran with full joy will be missed. But most of all I will miss him. We just went through a 6 hour seminar he put together and he looked fit and sharp just as usual. "Mr one touch". we talked about what he has done for CCS and what he wanted to do. I thank him for the time we had together. I was in unbelief when I heard on Saturday he passed away. I'm still in unbelief and I hope his legacy will continue in the next generation of soccer players he has produced.

Ferdinand Klapwijk, Tony Nicholson - CCS Soccer Coach

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Mobilio Family we are deeply sorry for the loss you suffered. My daughter Stephanie plays on the Coquitlam City Wild and has participated in his camps and looked forward to playing for him this season. Domenic is an excellent coach, an inspiration, and a good role model. He will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him!! Your memories will always be with us. Rest in Peace.

Fortunato, Susi and Stephanie Pagliaro - #13 - U16 Coquitlam City Wild

I don’t think that there is anyone in our vast soccer community who will not be affected by Dom’s passing. Not only was he an extremely gifted soccer player, he was also one of the most kindest people one could ever meet. He always had a smile for everyone. My husband grew up with Dom in the East End and played with him on the Willingdon Cubs team and he would often tell our daughters stories of their playing days together.
Dom had a great impact on soccer out here in Coquitlam, he was forever at practices and his camps, teaching and encouraging all the players on the game that he loved. He gave so much of himself to everyone of these players, and for that, my children, Cayli, Amanda and Olindo are forever grateful and they will never forget you or all that you taught them. You always had positive things to say to them and you lifted them up when they weren’t feeling that they played their best, telling them to always keep trying, never to give up. They will miss you immensely.
It is with a heavy heart that we give our sincere condolences to the Mobilio, Pietramala and Guzzo families. Domenic will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Dom, and thank you, for all that you gave…

Franco, Cori, Cayli, Amanda, Olindo & Lucia Zecca 

"Nothing is so contagious as an example. We never do great good or evil without inciting more of the same in others "

Francois De La Rochefoucald 

Domenic, today we said our last goodbye's....until we meet again. You were an inspiration to me personally and to all the players of this great club. There were some people that never knew your gifts and for that I am truly sorry. You especially touched my U11 Strykers team and for that I will be forever thankful. We have lost a true star and are terribly saddened, but
our lives will only be better having known you. We wish your family much strength over this very difficult time. We will do what you would want us to do - play soccer, love soccer, have fun and be good to ourselves. It is understandable to see the thousands of people at your prayers and funeral.........it was an honour to know and love someone as beautiful as you. We will be touched and inspired by you forever.
With much love.......Rest In Peace!!

Gayle, Megan, Devyn and Jenna Statton 

There are no words to describe Dominic Mobilio. He was an amazing person, coach, player, and friend. Anyone who has had the opportunity to be coached by him or know him can understand what that means. I spent my senior year of highschool playing for the greatest coach ever known. He inspired everyone to do their best and keep going no matter what the outcome was. Playing for Dom was a blessing because he taught everyone valueable life lessons. It's hard realize that someone with so much is gone from all of us. My heart goes out to everyone during this time,especially his family. GIVER '04 will never be forgotten. Much love to you Dom, you will forever be missed.

Genevieve Goheen - 03/04 Carney Senior Girls Soccer

I met Domenic while he played for the Baltimore Blast in the early 90s. He was a great player and a cool guy. He was great to the kids and teens who wanted his autograph or to talk to him. I was one of those teens at that time. I met his family at a game they attended and my heart felt condolences go out to them. He will be missed by all those in Baltimore who had the opportunity to meet him or see him play.

Gina Serafini 

My deepest sympathy goes out to the Mobilio family. I was shocked to hear the news last Saturday and wish to pass along my sincerest condolences to the Mobilio Family. I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Joe, Doms father, bragging over the many years that we worked together at BC Gas about his son Dom. As I was involved officiating Dom in many games I usually got a shot from Joe the next work day about how I should have called more fouls against the players who marked Dom. His father was very proud of him and his brothers. I got to know Dom better during the times we helped out at the Volunteer Soccer Clinics with the Vancouver police Department. Yes Dom you couldn't say No to anyone with a big smile and worked endlessly for the love of the game. There are few of you out there and what really hurts is that you were the best at committing your time to youth soccer who ever played professionally in Canada. I know you are in Gods care now and will be looking down at us as we continue being involved in the game that we all love so much. I will never forget the example that you set for us.

Gord Rogers - Soccer Enthusiast and avid Fan over the years

It is with great sadness that I send this e-mail.The news of Domenic's death was truly heartbreaking.Domenic was a wonderful person and a brilliant soccer player.May you rest in peace Domo.

Gordon Chin and Family 

I have just read the many tributes posted in memory of Dominic Mobilio. Rather than restate the obvious, I'd like to share my experience with Dom on what turned out to be his last morning of watching over some of his CCSA followers, specifically the U-9 Boys playing at Hillcrest all weather field. There he was at the start of our game, standing on the sidelines watching these little eight year olds run hard and strong. Did he know that many of these boys were inspired to do so because of him? Did he know that in Canada he was the best example of soccer excellence and as such was idolized by most every child who was fortunate to be part of one of his many soccer camps?

As the game progressed he came to me to ask about a few of the boys playing in the game, boys from both teams and not just mine. He asked if I could try and speak to a few of these boys and their parents about coming out for the U-9 boys development team. It was obvious to me his interest was not in choosing the best for the sake of winning, but in trying to get as many boys involved in extra practice and study of this game he loved so they too could enjoy it as he did.

As the game continued , I am sure he wanted to tell me to relax, do not yell out instructions so much, but he respected my role as coach to these 12 boys and simply watched them play on that sandy field as I worried about their every move. He later asked me to try and help him move a power pole laying near one corner of the field, because he was worried that one of the boys would run into it while chasing a ball. When we could not budge it his first comment was not one of exasperation, but that he should get a hold of the city and school as soon as possible so that the problem was taken care of before someone got hurt.

So, this was Dom. He loved the sport, CCSA and every kid he helped in his camps or encountered as our Head Coach. God bless you Dom, we will miss you. I hope that we coaches will do you proud in the future, as it is now our responsibility to finish what you have started in CCSA.

Greg, Lori, Erin and Alex Bodin - U9 Boys Roadrunners

Deepest sympathy. I will always remember Dominic he is a friend and a gentleman who always had time to say hello. Always in my mind.

Harry - The old equipment man

Thank you Domenic for having touched our lives. Our children were blessed to have you teach them your love of soccer and your love for life.Thank you for beleiving in our daughter. As she struggles to come to terms with your sudden passing, we tell her to remember the fun times she had at your Friday night academy and apply what you taught her every time she plays and we know you will be proud of her.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to the Mobilio family.

Ian , Kristine, Cameron and Allison Colquhoun 

Domenic's family should be very proud of him. As a player he excelled and had a God given gift with a soccer ball. As a person, he excelled also. He has touched so many lives in the soccer community. He worked very hard to help all children learn to love the game that he had a deep passion for. Domenic was a great role model for our children to learn from, he was not only a coach; but a true friend. As a coach with CCS I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to know him and learn from him. He will be dearly missed, until we meet again.

Ian Menzies - CCS U15 Terrors

On behalf of the West Vancouver Soccer Club and its board I would like to express my condolences to Domenic's family for their loss. I met Dom last year at Soccerfest where we exchanged some of our experiences as Head Coach's of our respective clubs. We had some laughs about the dealings our job brought us. Even in our brief encounter that day, I could tell what a true gentleman he was.

Yours in soccer,

Jamshid Afshar - WVSC Head Coach

From all of us at the North Shore Soccer Development Centre our condolences to the Mobilio family. Dominic spoke at a celebration party for Carl Valentine a few years ago - he was funny, touching and his remarks for Carl were obviously laced with affection. The soccer community although large is also small when someone like Dominic leaves it makes a huge impact. He will be missed by so many. He has left a footprint in the soccer world and it is his legacy to all of us - we must strive to nourish and maintain that legacy in perpetuity for all those players and coaches to come. Your memory will live on Dominic.

Jane Blaiklock - North Shore Soccer Development Association

Dear Dom,
My friend.....I had the pleasure of seeing you play both indoors and outdoors over a span of nearly 17 years and had the honor of calling you my friend. I remember visiting Vancouver while I was still living in San Diego, and you were so gracious to show me around that beautiful city you called home. Your family opened their home to me and showed me wonderful hospitality and friendship; a visit I have never forgotten. Dom, you lit up a room whenever you walked into it, and your charisma, humor, and friendship will never be forgotten. You were so much more than Canada's greatest soccer player; you were an angel. Then.....and now.
Rest in peace my friend.

Janet Upegui - Seattle, Washington, USA

Dominic was more than a great soccer player or coach. He was an exceptional person from top to bottom. In my professional career I have yet to find anyone who could bring a team together as well as Dom. It didn't matter what role you played on the team (ie top goalscorer, water boy, back-up goalkeeper) Dom made you feel just as important as anyone else. This innate ability is one thing that he did take from his playing days into his coaching career. The atmosphere and pride that he has created at CCSA is second to none. As a coach myself Dom was a consultant and mentor to me as I am trying my best to follow his lead. He truly loved every single kid in the organization and was always trying to improve his programs so that the grass roots can fulfill their goals and dreams.

To all players out there-The best way to play a tribute to Dominic Mobilio is to get out on the soccer field and do your best day in and out. Wear your jersey with pride and realize that it was through this exceptional person that you were able to experience this beautiful game of soccer.

Dom, we will always love you and you will never be forgotten.

Jeff Clarke - Friend, teammate, and colleague

I met Dom 3 weeks ago, at a B.C I.D session for the U-16 Provincial Team that he would be coaching. I remember being surprised at the session because he instantly knew my name and he made the session fun. You could feel his enthusiasm and passion for the game of soccer and I was excited about playing for him. Though I only spent one training session with Dom, I was deeply saddened to learn about his sudden death. Dom you will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the Mobilio family. Rest in peace.

Jen Harrison - U16 Lower Island Metro

I had the pleasure to meet Domo while he was playing for the Edmonton Drillers. He was definitely one to light up the room and not only was he an amazing athlete but a class act. Very well respected by everyone. Domo- you will be missed...it was wonderful to be able to share some laughs with you. My condolences and prayers go out to the Mobilio family.

Jennifer Usela - Calgary, Alberta

With this email, I wish to offer my condolences to the Mobilio family. I had only just spoken with Dominec a month ago regarding potential national U15 players. I can only image how hard this loss must be, of a great man at such a young age.

Jens Kraemer former CSL opponent and National Team Colleague - Canada U15 Women's National Team Coach - Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club Head Coach

Domenic was an incredible guy. He was so passionate about soccer, and his enthusiasm was contagious. On Saturday, when I found out about Domenic's death...I couldn't believe it. The next day, our team played in a cup game. In memory of him, I wore a t-shirt from one of his soccer camps I went to under my jersey. Before the game started, both teams lined up around the center circle and we had a moment of silence for him. We won that game...just for him :) Dom, you will never be forgotten. You've affected so many people. Thank you

Jessica Foucher - #30 U-18 Impact

Wow..Dominic was a true hero, he touched so many people with his generosity and for how much he cared about soccer. He put so much work into making everything thing better for others and being so supportive towards everyone. I was given a great opportunity to participate in his summer camps to help assistant instruct, and he gave nothing but positive feed back and encouragement. Also I was involved with his high performance camps with Danny and I learned so much from Dominic, he truly was an amazing person. All he ever wanted was for everyone just to do their best no matter how good it was just as long as you felt you did your best. And for that I feel everyone gained much respect for Domo. You were not only a friend but someone to idolize someone who inspired me in many ways. Always in everyones hearts and will be missed intensely much love R.I.P!

Jettana Darcus - #13 Port Moody Wildcats

I have just returned from Guatemala where I was Head of Delegation with the Canadian Men's World Cup Team Qualifier for Germany 2006.

When Frank Yallop broke the news to me about Domenic's sudden death, I was numb with shock and a feeling of disbelief. How could it be so for a man so fit and young? But, unfortunately it was and a grim reminder that none of us should take life for granted. I knew Domenic over many years from our respective involvement in the national teams program and more recently, when he played with the Edmonton Drillers. At all times he displayed great personal qualities to go with his well developed soccer skills and at a sad time like this, we give thanks for the total person as we celebrate his life. The FIFA delegate and the Guatemala Federation readily acceded to my request to observe a minute of silence in honour of Domenic before the kick off on the 17th. The teams formed a circle at centre field with the 23,000 spectators participating in the observance. It was a moving and emotional moment of remembrance. On behalf of the Fleming family, I offer the most sincere condolences to the Mobilio family.

Jim Fleming Past President - Canadian Soccer Association

Domenic, there are no words to express the depth of sadness we feel in the aftermath of your passing. For all you have so selflessly done for our children, the people of this community will never forget. We will always cherish the memory of this last Halloween. You lit up the sky for the kids that night, and now you are the brightest light in the sky. Even away from soccer, you were very special to the kids. We will miss you so much, but we will also take comfort knowing that your light is always with us.
with love

Joanna Gasbarro and Vaughn Andrews - Metro Ford Dynamo

The true testament to the influence that Domenic had in our lives is the huge amount of emails and phone calls I have been receiving from the coaches in our club expressing shock, disbelief and sorrow. Domenic, thank you for teaching us coaches the game of soccer. Thank you for teaching our kids the love of soccer. You will be truly missed but never forgotten.

Joe Basic - CMFSC

Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of Dominic. I've had the opportunity to be his friend and teamate and I will always remember our time together on and off the field.
My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

John Limniatis 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Mobilio family. Please contact me or the PMO Soccer Club if there is anything we can do to help.

John Saunders 

Domenic was a great person, coach, player, and friend. I had the pleasure of being taught by Domenic, how to coach and how to play the game. He was someone I looked up to, a mentor. As an aspiring athlete myself, Domenic was someone I idolised. Even after his professional years were over he still stayed with the game and helped the younger generation of soccer players become better and have the chance of better coaching. Domenic was a great man and I will miss him greatly. My condolences to the Mobilio family.

Jonathan Krause - MF Wolves

To Tony Mobilio and the Mobilio Family 

On behalf of all the staff and the coaches of the Capilano College Department of Athletics I would like to express our sincere condolence . I am certain that none of us here can imagine the sorrow and loss that you and your family are experiencing . Please take comfort in knowing that Dom was very well respected and loved amongst our community and that he did have a very positive impact throughout his life. He touched so many lives not only as a soccer player but as a person. Most of us could not dream of making such a difference in so many lives as Dom has in his. For this we need to be thankful and happy and take solace in knowing that his life was a gift to us all.
Tony, I know that all your team - mates from Capilano College are thinking of you buddy.

Joseph Iacobellis Manager, Department of Athletics and Recreation Capilano College

Domenic Mobilio … how important he was to the boys and girls of Coquitlam City Soccer! I remember when Domenic first joined Coquitlam City and thinking how lucky we were to have such a wonderful young man, athlete and role model for our kids, thinking how did Coquitlam City draw such an asset such as Domenic Mobilio to the organization! I was so proud that my son was able to participate in some of his clinics. It was so shocking to hear of his passing. Thank you, Domenic, for all that you did for all of our children. You taught them well! My thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to the Mobilio and the Cuccione family.

Julia Huie 

I was fortunate enough to be one of many people who knew Dom as a player and coach. He will always be my favourite Vancouver 86er and a coach that I admire and respect. He gave me an opportunity to coach with him a few years back and I can honestly say it was a very rewarding and fun experience for me. Dom was a fun guy to be around and his love for soccer was contagious. I feel lucky that I had the chance to get to know him. To his family, all my prayers and heart felt sympathy are with you. We must celebrate his life and honour his memory!

Julie David - #12 U-16 Wild

I didnt know Dominic personaly but all ther things that heard about him was all positive things. My one friend said that she went to everyone of his soccer camps and was very close with him. I've never seen her so emotional. This means something, Dominic touched many peoples hearts and will live on in all of our lives. Wether you are a coach, player, or just someone of the street if you were to hear this mans life story you would be inspired like no-one has ever inspired you. Dominic is a very positive and consiterative man. I know many people who are living there soccer, personal and social lives for you, you were loved by ,many!!!
With Love and Faith

Kayla Finlay - CCSA U 14 Storm

The shock still hasn't, and don't think will, ever sink in. We have all lost an amazing man in our lives. Our deepest and sincere thoughts go out to Mr. and Mrs. Mobilio. We were fortunate enough to be part of Coquitlam City Soccer when Dom came on as head coach and our oldest daughter, Nicole was one of the first group of girls to participate in his excellent clinics. The soccer community will never be the same without you Dom. God bless you!

Kelley Backman, Jeff Lovestead, Daniel and Evan, Nicole, Katie, Stephanie and Taylor Raiche 

When I first met Dominic I had no idea who he was. I didn't know him through soccer as most everyone has, but through the gym where he worked out for the past couple of years. He would just saunter in and do his stuff. No hoopla about him. He would work hard and wait his turn for things. He was polite to everyone. He had manners! Which unfortunately is so rare these days. He would interact with the younger guys at the gym when they asked him things. I had no idea why they were asking him, as I didn't know who he was. I hadn't followed the soccer scene for years. He just was a humble guy, who was nice and good looking to boot. His parents should be proud of him and themselves. They obviously did a wonderful job raising such a fine person. They should give clinics! He is obviously going to be missed by many for years to come.
I smile as I write this, but my stomach is literally in knots. You will be missed.
Take care Dominic


I only met dominic 1 yr ago while i was refereeing a high school game and he was a coach,he was very polite and knowledgable and seemed to put everyone around him at ease with his persona. We met about two times later on and he was the same man with his enthusiasm and helpful manner towards all around him and it is a shame that he has left us at such an early age.
Best wishes and commiserations to his family and friends.

Ken Montague - Vice President, BC Soccer Referees Association

It has been said that a true champion is always able to re-invent himself. As a player, Domenic Mobilio was indeed a soccer champion. We at Coquitlam City Soccer were given a wonderful opportunity to see a real champion who re-invented himself in so many ways. Domenic was an Ambassador for the game and for our club. He was also a great teacher, coach, mentor and friend. There is simply no way to fill the void that Domenic leaves in our hearts and in our soccer family. We are so grateful for having had the opportunity to know him and will always remember the joy and passion he brought to this sport.
Our heartfelt condolences to the Mobilio family.

Ken Williams, Mary Reagh, Jessica, Carly and Kenneth - Coquitlam City Soccer

Domenic has been an inspiration to so many people. Young kids aspire to play the way only he could. Coaches aspire to emulate his coaching personality, professionalism and expertise. His family and friends are inspired by his friendly personality, his charm, his ability to put a smile on everyone's face and the sincerity that came with everything he did or said. I hope we can all take the special things that made Domenic so great and use them in our own lives. Thank you Domenic, for being a role model to so many of us. You are deeply missed by all. We love you

Kenny Strain 

It is with a deep sadness and a heavy heart I write this e:mail. Having been with Dominic since he was 15years old (with our national teams). The soccer community in Canada is indeed poorer with his passing. My condolences go to his family,friends and to the players at his club.
Dominic you have always been a credit to your country, your family and to yourself. Your sudden passing is a shock to us all, but our memory of you as a player and friend will always remain with us.

Kevin Muldoon - National Teams Goalkeeper Coach.

Dom did so much for Coquitlam City Soccer. He was caring and devoted to the success of the club and each and every member. He was constantly rushing from one practice to the next and he did it all out of his love for the game. Dominic was extremely welcoming to me when I joined the club a few years ago and has been supportive of my pursuits in the game ever since, always wishing me well. He worked so well with the kids in his academies and earned their love and admiration. Dom was a true, unselfish hero and will be missed by many. Thank you, Dom.

Kim, Marie, and Emily Taverna - U-17 Renegades

Dominic was a true hero. I had the pleasure of being in his soccer academy on Wednesday's and I waited the whole week just to go to it. He was a fun person to be around and I will miss him greatly. Dominic Mobilio was one of the few who always had something positive to say, even if you did something wrong he would always say something that would help you correct it. Rest in Peace. All our thoughts and prayers go out to the Mobilio family.

Kristen Santema & Family - U14 Coquitlam Attack (metro)

My heart goes out to the Mobilio family for their loss. I have been involved with Coquitlam soccer for over 10 years. Growing up as a player, Dominic was a role model to me. I remember going to Swanguard Stadium to watch the 86'ers play and watching Dominic demonstrate his talent on the field. Now, as a coach, I saw him in a different light, as he helped our soccer club reach new goals. Dominic took his knowledge, both on and off the field and gave back to the community for the next generation of soccer players. He gave his heart to our kids and our kids gave their hearts to him. Dominic will be greatly missed, but never forgotten. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is mourning the loss of Dominic, who was an inspiration to all.

Kristin Rudichuk - Coach U11 Girls Xtreme

Very few individuals have the ability to touch and inspire so many people. Dom’s loving and giving personality made him the type of person that everyone hopes they will meet at some point in their lives. With his energy for the game, Dom modeled what the game is really all about-competition and loving what you do. We admired Dom not just for the great athlete and person he was but for the person he became and aspired to continue to be. Domo, also known as Gramps to few, had a contagious smile that was always followed with a ton of laughter. There was an unspoken bond amongst all of us and it will be cherished throughout our lives. We will never forget all the memories we’ve shared.

Our hearts are with you, Tony, and your family while you grieve this horrible tragedy. Our team and soccer will never be the same without you Domo.


Kristine Jack (K.J) and Phebe Trotman - Coquitlam City FC Premier

Our daughter, Gillian had a great summer playing for Dominic on the U16 Extreme Soccer team. Domenic's encouragement and attention to skill development made the two hour drive more than worthwhile. Memories include Domenic leading the pack for runs at Mundy park on Saturday mornings and his concern for each of the players. He will be missed! Our prayers and thoughts are with the Mobilio family.

Larry and Cindy McPherson - Gillian - U16 Vipers / Richmond Girls Soccer

Things that I remember about Dom: he was always a happy person; he came to most of our games; I remember his laugh; how he said my name; his effort in soccer; he wouldn't want us to quit; he wanted us to try our best; he always believed is us; he was a kind person; he wanted us to love the game; he taught us a lot of things about soccer; how he looked; he was #10; he wanted us to work hard; he never let us down; he loved us all - I will miss him a lot.

Lauren Askew - CCS U11 Select Stykers

After being a part of Dom's high performance camp and playing on his Xtreme team I realized what a wonderful coach he was, not to mention a great guy. He made road trips nothing but a blast. Dom always supported our team, he even came all the way to Halifax to cheer us on. He was a great inspiration and mentor. He will be missed by many and forever be in our hearts. My deepest sympathy to the Mobilio family.

Lauren Lachlan #18 - U16 Coquitlam City Wild

Domenic was a very good coach. I haven't been to many of his camps because I haven't been playing soccer for 6, 7 years like some other girls. But I've been to a few. He was very nice and had patience with all the players. He will be missed by all. God Bless his family and he will be in my prayers.

RIP Domenic
Born into this life 1969
Born into ETERNAL life 2004

Lee Ann Tolentino #7 - U14 Coquitlam City Storm, Silver A

"Not all good jugglers are good soccer players but all good soccer players are good jugglers"

Dominic Mobilio, November 11, 2004. We will remember you Dominic.


Felitche Hutchinson (High Performance Soccer Academy participant)

Leo Hutchinson (coach of Rattlers, U9 Boys, and U9 Development team)



Leo & Felitche Hutchinson 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Mobilio Family. My son Michael who is 8 has been attending Dominic's development camp resently and was really having alot of fun. Dominics skills of coaching these young boys and girls was truly satisfying for us parents watching on the sidelines. Michael came to us when we heard the news and said" his passing away was not fair, young people should not die especially ones like Dominic. He will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him on the field and off.

Our deepest and warmest condolances go out to Dominic's family and friends.

Leo lucarino and Family 

Domenic was a very special gift from God. He was only with us for a short time, but managed to touch so many still. He was a role model, coach, teammate, friend, bestfriend, and a father like figure to others. Dom worked hard for everything he stood for, he earned it all with fight and pereserverance, he was well respected and thought of by all. He was taken way too soon from us, but God must've needed him more up in heaven then here on earth. God made a bestfriend, while the rest of us lost one. Dom your physically not around to coach us, but you will sliently be cheering us on in our hearts, where you will remain forever. We love and miss you so much, thankyou for being as amazing as you are and for leaving a legacy, and a legend in our minds.

Lia Romanelli - #4 Cliff Avenue Cosmos

Our deepest sympathy's go out to the whole Mobilio family, Joe, Maria, Johnny & Tony! As children we would play soccer at the Columbus Meat Market games! I think Domenic was the first boy I ever played soccer with other than my two brothers! I'll always remember the Italian picnics and get togethers at the Corsi's. I specifically remember one time when all the girls were chasing you around the Corsi's basement, but of course, you were too fast for us! It's nice how these happy memories never fade! I will miss listening to my dad, Mario, brag about you every time he read or heard about your triumphs! "Did you hear about Domenic?" he would say with a big smile on his face! I would say "are you sure your name isn't Mario Mobilio" and we would all laugh! You were (are) the shining star and will always live on in our hearts. 

Oops, I almost forgot....you better get started on that new turf field in the sky! I'm hoping to kick the ball around when I get there!
Rest in Peace

Lisa Ciardullo (on behalf Mario, Annelore, Carlo, Paolo & Sharon Ciardullo) 

To Dommo,

As I sit here still shocked and in disbelief, I know that you know exactly what it is I'm going to say to you right now. That was one of your gifts, that uncanny ability to stay two steps ahead. Like I always told you, how else could someone so slow score so many darn goals:):) It was obvious you were an Angel disguised as a Soccer Player, all the signs were there. Maybe god feels your work here is done-let's face it-the amount of lives you've positively influenced in just 35 short years would require ten normal individuals together in double the time to compare. Most Canadian soccer fans are well aware of your tremendous achievements on the field, they're only now being made aware you were an even more tremendous person off it. That's a true testament to your family, and even through this extremely difficult time, they should be oh so proud.
May god grant them strength.
Personally, playing against you all those years was a treat all by itself. When we hugged and wisecracked in the stadium tunnel before the game, it was clear, we were friends first and opponents second- I was humbled. Then, having you as my line mate years later (along with Kevin Holness) was an opportunity I'm forever grateful for-thank you Ross Ongaro.
As you head to heaven and continue god's work, all I ask pretty please is that you save me a spot on your team:)
You've left us physically too soon my friend, but your legacy and wonderful spirit is eternal. You remain in my heart, until we meet again...


Lloyd Barker 

I did not know Domenic personally, but heard from my daughter and others of his passion for soccer, and extraordinary patience and skills he shared at his clinics. Most recently, I was told that he was just a wonderful, wonderful person! Domenic seemed to have an ability to interact with everyone in a positive manner, and he took the time to care about each individual he met. Truly not only has the soccer community lost an amazing, caring friend, but everyone that knew him, or of him has suffered a tragic loss. My condolences to Domenic’s family and friends.


I just wanted to say thankyou to you Dom. When I was down you picked me up. When I was upset you made me happy. When no-one believed in me, you always did. You taught me so much about soccer and even more about life. In my 16 years of life I have never learned so much from someone. You taught me what life was really about, you reminded me how to enjoy life and how to help others enjoy life as well. You have helped me build a dream. I will follow in your footsteps. I am forever in dept to you. I will always rememeber you in my heart and in my mind.

I love you Domo forever and always

My prayers and condolences go out to the Mobilio Family- God bless

Louise - #13 U16Xtreme & U18 Coquitlam City Kixx

I remember the first time I met Domenic Mobilio. I was 12 years old and I asked him to sign my 86ers poster. What an honor that was for me! I went home from camp that day and put that poster up on my bedroom wall. Today I am 27 years old and have had the privilege of knowing Dom and playing for him and Tony as part of Coquitlam City F.C. in the Women's Premier League. Again, What an honor for me! It is evident from the responses I have read that Dom was responsible for bringing so much happiness into our lives. I will always respect and appreciate the fact that he was willing to share his vast knowledge of this game we all love so deeply. Dom always had the natural ability to make people feel welcome and put a smile across your face. He was caring, fun, generous, always concerned for others, inspiring, courageous, sincere, humble, easy on the eyes, passionate, elite, the greatest goal scorer many have ever seen, and these are just some of the words and phrases used to describe our Domenic. He was a true champion!

For many the grief is still too close in our hearts, and on behalf of my teammates whom I know loved and cherished him, I send my deepest sympathy's to Tony our beloved coach, and the whole Mobilio family, the Guzzo Family and the Pietramala Family. Our hought's and prayers are with you all!

As I shouted out, along with the masses, all those years ago in the stands of Swangard stadium, my first and last words to you Domenic Mobilio are one in the same,

"Thank you very much Domenic Mobilio!"


Lynsey Burkinshaw - # 17 Coquitlam City F.C.

Words cannot describe the enormity of this improbable tragedy. By the same token, no words could adequately portray the essence of Domenic Mobilio. He had an immeasurable effect on people from all walks of life, and had such respect for the position he felt so fortunate to find himself in. For the past several years, we have been blessed to have known Dom as colleague, friend, and confidante. As we came to know him, we saw him for who he was – honest, knowledgeable, motivational, charming, supportive, driven by the success of those whom he worked with and coached, humble, and funny – man, was he funny.

In times of need he would be the supportive and compassionate voice on the end of the line, offering his encouragement. Dom would be the first to call offering congratulations for an achievement - be it an assist on a goal with a club team, a tournament well run, or a call up to the National side. It is unbelievable that time will ever ease the pain of his passing, but we can take solace in watching his legacy live on in his family, his friends, and those lives he touched so profoundly. We are blessed to have had the privilege of being a part of his life here on earth, albeit for far too short a time. For that time we are eternally grateful.

Godspeed Dear Friend, Rest in Peace until we meet again.

Maeve Glass and the Staff at Total Soccer Systems 

Our whole family is very saddened by the tragedy of Domenic's departure. Both my boys were greatly inspired by his excellent Sunday morning soccer clinics the last few years. He was a kind, well spoken, wonderful role model for my boys. Domenic's passion for soccer also came through in his great coaching clinics that he ran for the coaches. His loss is tragic for our community and he will always be remembered by our family as a very special guy.
Deepest sympathy to Domenic's family and friends.....

Our Regards

Marcel, Wendy, Jesse and Brendan Merks 

It is with a heavy heart that I write this tribute. Domenic and I go way back to the days of Tony Taylor and the Canadian National Youth Team.. We have played together and against each other throughout our careers and I find it very difficult to come to the realization that he will no longer be with us. He will be sorely missed and I would like to extend my deepest condolences to his family. You will never be forgotten Moby!!!

Marco Rizi and Family 

I never really knew Dominic personally until he started coaching our Carney Senior Boys soccer team. I always knew he was a awesome soccer player from what people told me. But as I got to get to know him, not only was he great at soccer, but he was such a nice guy. Dominic would always ask me, "how's the injury coming along?" because I had a serious injury and only could play a few games with the senior team. But he made sure that every single time he saw me, he wouldn’t leave without asking me if I was fit to play. I still remember the looks on his face after I said "nooo, couple more weeks." It makes me laugh still. You could tell that he was so eager to call me a little wimp, but the nice guy he was, he just said, "well make sure you take care of it and get better."
Its not everyday that you meet a guy like Dom. So im blessed that I got the chance to meet him and get to know him.
My prayers go out to the Mobilio family.
Lots of love,

Marinko Maras 

Greatness can be measured in the simplest things...a kind word of encouragement, a smile that makes you want to work harder, a passionate practical demonstration of a simple skill. Its obvious that Domenic had the ability to reach out and touch people. The greatness he achieved will live on as his legacy, in the players of Coquitlam and BC: skill, dedication, and a love for the game.

Matt Shepherd - BC Provincial U15 Boys Coach

I would like to send my deepest condolences to the Mobilio family. Domenic will be deeply missed, not only was he a great soccer player, he was also a great person.

Mauro Biello - Montreal impact

Dom was a great soccer player and coach. My team, coquitlam ice, won our cup game on sunday for Dom. His death affected our team so much and I think our whole team was determened to win because of him. I still can't believe that he's gone. I still am expecting to see him at the camp on friday. But I won't and that bothers me because it feels like I will. He was a really nice guy, and still is wherever he is. RIP Dom.

Melissa Jennings - U-13 silver A Ice #17

Domenic was one of my near and dear friends. He did so much for so many people. He touched the lives of me and my family so many times. I feel truly blessed to have known him. He was a part of our family and I felt as though I was a part of his family too. To know him was to love him. He will be truly missed. My heart goes out to his family and friends. He may have moved on to a better place now but, he will always have a place in our hearts. He may be gone but, he will never be forgotten. His memory lives on in all of us.


Michelle Yurko and family 

In our hearts today we feel empty and sometimes the lost for words are just a loss. The family needs us all to help them through this tragic time. As time passes it will be more difficult. This young strong man who lifted us all to a higher ground. How kindness and giving was his stronger points and that that may lead us to believe there is hope for others to inspire us and if anyone could it would have been Dom. What an angel to soccer and to all he touched. The greatness on the field and off. The soccer genius that still had to accomplish more much more. We will remember in our hearts today that the emptiness has been filled by Domenic #10 forever…. May your beautiful family cherish you forever and have strength to continue your legacy and keep you always in our hearts always. May your soccer dreams come true as Dom’s dreams came true.

To the love of the game and to our #10 angel…..


This tragic news comes as a shock to everyone and our thoughts are with Tony and his family. Dom has touched the lives of so many in personal ways. His passion for the game of soccer, his club, and the teams he was committed to, will be cherished. Getting to know Dom over the last couple of years was truly a blessing and he will be remembered forever. His journey of life continues through the lives of so many he has inspired. May peace be with you Dom.


Mike and Robyn Scott 

I met Dominic for the first time in Halifax at the under 14 National's in 2003 and again on the A License in Toronto last summer. His enthusiasm, energy, and personality were infectious to those around him, and I felt it was refreshing to see a person of Dominic's quality working with youth players. My heart goes out to Dominic's family and friends and the soccer community has lost a member of the highest quality.

Mike Hudson - Soccer Nova Scotia, Technical Director

Dominic you will always be in our hearts, we will miss you and never forget you.My deepest condolences to the Mobilio family.

Mike Moretto 

For the short time that I have dealt with Domenic as the Head Coach of Coquitlam City Soccer Association he had immediately created an impact. For someone with such an accomplishment as an athlete, Domenic showed no hint of arrogance whatsoever. My impression of him was of someone who simply wanted to improve the standard of soccer in the CCS. His potential for developing the level of soccer players in the CCS was tremendous due to his talents as a player and official. I am certain that I would have enjoyed working with Domenic. I am fortunate to have encountered him. His demise is most definitely a loss not only to CCS but to the entire soccer community of Canada.

Mike Villadolid 

In this sad moment we give our condolences to the Mobilio family. This tragic loss affected all soccer comunities in British Columbia and Canada. It was a pleasure of meeting you,working with you and learning from you. Domenic was a great soccer player,coah,person and friend. You will be missed but never forgotten.

Rest In Peace, Domenic Mobilio.

Milica Spasojevic - # 9 Burnaby U-15 Crush (Metro.) & Vlado Spasojevic.

Although I didn't know Dom well, I was extremly upset when I heard about his passing. I talked to him once, and it seemed as if we'd known eachother for a long time. He was such a good guy and he has touched the hearts of many. I know he will be watching games from up above. You will be missed.
Rest In Peace Dom

Mirko Maras 

I am from Baltimore, Maryland where Domenic played for the Baltimore Blast at the age of 19-23. I got to know him while he played for us and I also got to go toVancouver and watch him play outdoor. He was a very kind and gentle person. I can remember while in vancouver, Domenic had to practice and wouldn't get to spend much time with us (we had come all the way from Baltimore to see him) so he had his parents take us to a lake, and Whistler for the day-what a wonderful time! The next day after his soccer game he took us to his parents house and we talked and ate for hours with his parents and Carl Valentine. What kindness he showed. I offer my condolences to his parents-Joe and Maria, and his brothers John and Tony. I know they may not remember me, but I will never forget that vacation--that's the type person Dom was. May he rest in peace and may God give the Mobilio family the strength it needs right now.

N. Neukam 

Thank you Bruce, for putting into words the sorrow I'm sure we are all feeling, but as importantly, the gratitude I'm hoping we are all feeling in having had Dom a part of our team. The things he taught our girls about soccer and the example he set in showing kindness, enthusiasm, consideration, encouragement and determiation will stay with them always.

Nancy Moore - CCS Strykers U11 Select Girls

I only came to know recently of your passing now that I live outside of Canada…news of your departure caught me unawares. It’s not a surprise (reading through this website) that you touched so many hearts throughout your amazing journey. My luck was to be your only friend invited home to a wonderful homemade Italian birthday dinner in grade 1.

Johnny invited another friend and the four of us enjoyed that evening with your parents. I was the shy Fijian kid who could barely speak English and you were the kind hearted Italian who looked out for me on the playground. I lived up the street from you on Georgia Street and our years of bumping into each other even though our circle of friends changed was nothing short of warmth and reminiscence. How could I forget the day you and I finally fended off the two bullies from the rival elementary school. You obviously took on the bigger fellow and they never bothered picking on us again – you always stood your ground and fighting was a last means to your solutions. Though I always outraced you in sprints even in high school, I never stopped to marvel at the slowpoke whose brilliance on the soccer field left everyone in the dust. To know that you went on and inspired an uncountable number of souls is breathtaking and humbling.

I speak to many audiences around the world in my leadership seminars and always use you as an example of passion, tenacity and attitude – your respectfulness, kindness and good. Heart are the everlasting memory and blessing your parents instilled in you…thank you for being a part of my life.

Neil Sharma the Fijian up the road

We send our love and strength to the Mobilio’s and all extended family and friends at this time of tragic loss. Dominic’s passing came as a shock to everyone. We know that Dominic, an idol to many young people, will continue to touch the hearts of young athletes everywhere, and will not be forgotten. It is difficult to know what to say or feel when someone so young passes, so we take with us the knowledge of what a full life he had, and the dreams he accomplished, and we will keep them in our hearts, and treasure them, and pray for all to touch the world as Dominic has. We send our Prayers to all, and will cherish the times we spent with Dom.

All our Love,

Nestor Murdocca, Yolanda Murdocca, and Elizabeth Murdocca 

My Deepest Condolensces,
I will always remember Domenic not only as a great player but a great guy to be around. I had the oppurtunity to play with Domenic in Edmonton as a driller and on the under-20 team as well as the national team.With all the success Domenic had as a player he was always very humble and always good to be around. My prayers and thoughts will be with Domenic and the Mobilio family through these difficult times!

Nick DeSantis 

Dominic has taught our girls in camps and soccer practices. Kathleen is a close friend of melissas and has experienced what a great coach he was, coaching the sr. boys and girls soccer team at Carney R.I.P.

O'Melinn Family 

Words cannot fully describe the range of emotions that so many of us are feeling -- but they can make an attempt -- and they can communicate our empathy and sorrow towards the Mobilio family and Domenic's many friends, who may be able to feel a sense of comfort and healing through the words of admiration and respect towards their son, brother and friend. Words can also bring our community -- which is Domenic's community -- together, and help us make sense of this tragedy.
In reading all the tributes it is abundantly clear what Domenic Mobilio's life was all about. Domenic Mobilio shared, taught, gave and laughed with people who learned, grew and were supported and inspired to reach their greatest potential -- with soccer as the great instrument of his work. What an inspiration.
We must try to not allow this tragedy -- a tragedy that could just as well have struck any one of us -- to slow our pace or end Domenic's purpose. We must, as so many who knew him well have said, gather inspiration and continue a good man's honourable work using whatever talents we can share with those around us, on and off a playing field.
Although the Mobilio family certainly feels such sorrow in these days, in reading these tributes they must also certainly feel incredibly proud to read all these personal reflections and to learn of the profound positive effect their son and brother had on the people around him.
Our deepest condolences to the Mobilio family.

On behalf of the players, coaches, manager and parents of Metro Ford Sparta (U11) 

Our hearts and tears are with you Tony, and with your family. We are deeply saddened at the loss of our friend. Domo had a way about him like no other. His contagious smile and generous nature were ever-present, but they were only a small part of his exceptional character. He was our coach, a teammate, a leader, and a mentor. But most of all, he was a good friend. As we recall who Domo was, and what he gave us, we shed tears for the loss. But we also smile, for we were fortunate to have had such a wonderful person in our lives. As each day passes, we will remember him and recall the lives he touched and the gifts he gave. He leaves behind much more than memories. He leaves behind the gift of having known Domonic Mobilio.
We share your grief and send our love,

Paige and Jeff Skinner 

To the Mobilio family our heartfelt condolences. Dom was a tremendous player but more importantly he was an honest individual and always good for a laugh. As he matured he took on many mentoring roles wherever he played and his influence can still be seen all over Canada on the soccer fields today. I can still see his sly smile and wink before he ran to the Swangaurd faithful after putting yet another goal by me. He was a special person and will always be in our thoughts. Rest in peace, Dom.

Pat Onstad and Family 

Our thoughts go out to Dom's family at this time. It is a great loss. Dom's smile was infectious and his laughter contagious. You will be forever missed.

Pat, Cindy & Brittany Gorman - #19 - U16 Xtreme

It's always hard to say things in words at this greiving time. But Dominic Mobilio you will always be remembered in our thoughts..As my son plays soccer he will always remember the things you taught him at soccer camp. Our warmest sympathies are with the Mobilio family at this difficult time.

Patti Carlson/ JR Carlson and Family 

I remember one freezing cold rainy day at one of Domenic's soccer clinics , Domenic as always was determined to make sure all the kids were happy and enjoying the camp.Rain soon turned into sleet,and the kids were getting wet and cold.Domenic gathered all the kids and coaches and took them into the warm dry clubhouse where they told jokes, sang songs, and talked about soccer,until all the parents came to pick up their kids.He was passionate about the game of soccer but also deeply cared for the kids and made them feel special.He will be greatly missed by all .We send our prayers and deepest condolences to the Mobilio family.

Paul ,Francesca,Roberto and Anthony Mckave - U9 CCS Bulldogs

Dominic Mobilio was a true great of the game. He was the most inspirational and motivaional coach I have ever met. It is extremely sad to lose such a dear and true friend. Dominic was always there to help in when in need and he always put our feelings before his. I knew him from soccer at Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary School. He was the coach of the Senoir Boys soccer team, which accomplished many feats. Dominic Mobilio was a hero of our school and society and he will never be forgotten.

Your presence will always be missed

Paul Baluch - Archbishop Carney

I think it is safe to say that Dom touched all of us in a big way, either as a player, as a coach, as a mentor or even as a friend. He contributed emmensely to the CCSA with an amazing amount of love and care. Although I only met Dom once or twice at Archbishop Carney, I will always remember the way he reacted when the Senior Boys won the Fraser Valley Championship. He was so proud! I give my condolences to Mellisa and all the Mobilio family. Dom, you were a hero to our school and our society. You will be missed and will always be remembered.

Rest in Peace.

Paula Broderick Archbishop Carney

It is tough when the football community loses someone like Dom! Someone who was passionate about the game and genuinely cared about the development of young footballers. My condolences to the Mobilio Family and; "Dom …you will be greatly missed"

Peter Malakoane - CSA National Training Centre Prairies

Such a tragic loss to this soccer community. An amazing player and person who will be dearly missed by so many people young and old. May you rest in peace Dom!!!! We will never forget you. My condolences to the Mobilio family.

Peter Price jr. & Family 

Domenic was a great inspiration to all, as we know it. We were very shocked like everyone else to have heard of your passing. Domenic you will never be forgotten. As we all play our games this weekend we know that you will be shining brightly from above. Our thought and prayers are with your family and friends. We will miss you.

Thank you for everything. Keep smiling.

Peter,Anna Christie,Lucas Brittney Pastulovic. 

On behalf of my family and my soccer team, I would like to extend my deepest and most sincere condolences to the Mobilio family for the tragic loss of their beloved Domenic. He was a very kind, caring, respectful and talented individual who touched the hearts and lives of many within the soccer community. He will be sadly missed.

Phil Allen - Coach CCS Mavericks (U15 bronze boys) // Referee (Westminster/North District)

Domenic has touched so many. He loved the kids he coached as though they were his own. He was and wanted to be there to guide these young players to do great things in their soccer careers. He was so excited to be coaching the U-16 Girls Provincial team this year. He was poised to do great things with youth soccer in BC. This is a DEVASTATING loss for everyone who knew him and the soccer community in BC and Canada . More than a coach, Domenic was a friend and always there when you needed him. He will be sorely missed and live in our hearts forever.

Randy, Manon & Paige Adams 

The tragic news of Domenic’s death has rocked the soccer community across Canada and our heart felt condolences go out to the Mobilio family. Although, I first met Domenic as a member of our National Youth Team it was only in the last two years, when he embarked on a coaching career, that I began to know him as a person. I was immediately impressed by the way he carried himself. Always friendly and outgoing, he showed great class and humility. Where one might have expected an inflated ego because of his achievements as a player; this was not the case. Although, it was obvious he had been blessed with special gifts, he considered himself one of the boys and he drew tremendous respect from those who new him. His class and ability brightened our B and A License Courses in recent years and he will be missed by all of us who’s lives he has touched. I’m sorry I will not have the chance to get to know him better or to work with him again in the future and I mourn his loss as does all of Canada’s soccer community.

Ray Clark Director of Coaching & Player Development. Canadian Soccer Association.

As parents of four children in Coquitlam City Soccer, my wife Anna Rosa and I were shocked to hear of Dominic's untimely passing. We consider amateur sport to be one of the most important ways in which we can develop a sense of responsibility, fitness, sportsmanship, and social contributions in our young people. And we will miss Dominic Mobilio for so much, particularly for the value he saw in each child. We knew of him in his work at Archbishop Carney High School, and of course in the soccer skills clinics that our children enjoyed participating in. But we also saw in him the ability to inspire both children and adults into participating fully in a sport that he loved and which he excelled so tremendously. So, on behalf of my entire family, including our four children in Coquitlam City Soccer, I want to pass our condolences on to Dominic's family for their loss. And on behalf of the Government of BC and the people of Coquitlam, I want to acknowledge the tremendous contribution that Dominic Mobilio made to so many young people and their families, and to the hundreds of volunteers who make Coquitlam City Soccer so wonderful. Thank you, Dominic; we will miss you tremendously.

Richard Stewart, Mayor - City of Coquitlam

We are deeply sorry for the loss you have suffered of one of your soccer family and friend. Our thoughts are with you at this time of sorrow.

with deepest sympathy,

Rick & Susan Morrill 

On Behalf of The Royal City Youth Soccer Club, we send our heartfelt condolences to Domenic Mobilio’s family and the soccer community.

Rick Brown - Royal City Youth Soccer

Our family holds the utmost respect for Domenic Mobilio, and when Domenic was hired as Head Coach of Coquitlam City Soccer I knew it was going to be good for the club to have somebody with Domenic's profile to join the club. What I didn't know at the time was that there was more to this man than the Stats and profile. I learned very quickly the "More" part was the real beauty of Domenic Mobilio. Domenic was a charismatic, classy, and a humble man who loved our kids. Dom had the innate ability to teach kids the finer points of soccer yet at the same time have fun! He did this relentlessly and it was always heartwarming watching Domenic say to some youngster "Hey Come over here" and talk to the youngster on the sidelines. You did not need to know what was said as the beaming smile on the youngster's face said it all to me! Domenic did this is in spades, and I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have seen Dom make our kids smile while teaching them soccer. Domenic was a Guardian Angel for our kids who was genuine and deeply cared for everybody.
Domenic's tragedy was very upsetting for my daughter Dayna and it was equally upsetting for me having to try and explain this tragic event. Domenic was going to be coaching my daughter's team this week while her regular coach was away for a week. She was very much looking forward to having Dom around for a week as she has a lot of respect for Domenic. Dom will not be here physically but spiritually we know he will be here. Dom has inspired a lot of girls on my daughter's team and without question I know they will be playing hard for you this Sunday and they will treat it like you are there with them!
Last night our family went to the Memorial that Coquitlam City Soccer held for Domenic Mobilio and the church was packed. This was a true testament as to how much respect Dom had earned. It was one of those evenings that our family will never forget. We have never met the rest of Domenic's family but last night at the church you left knowing that the Mobilio family is a wonderful family. Last night also corroborated what we already knew and that is that Domenic Mobilio is deeply loved and respected and will never be forgotten!
Our heartfelt condolences go out to the Mobilio family!

Rob, Kathy, Dayna, and Paul Naismyth 

Dear Domenic,
I was in grade eight when you were graduating back in 1989, I saw you in the Templeton high soccer field training alone after school, I was so happy to have said hi to you on that school day, you had a limp foot and were trying to recuperate.
Hey Dom. your a special guy with the biggest heart, your to me like Terry fox is to many.... I'll all remember you... and I'll see you soon brother, may god bless you and you family.

Amore Agape,

Robert Sillis 

As parents with a son in CCSA for 5 years so far and a daughter up and coming, we were very happy to know that Dominic was CCSA's head coach. Even without him needing to say many words, it was obvious he was a man with prinicipals and decorum. He knew how to express his love for soccer in a way that was infectious to the youth he guided. As parents, we were delighted to have him as our head coach and we saw the love of soccer blossom is our son and in the eyes of our daughter. Only gifted people have the ability to transfer positive beliefs through the ranks and Dominic did just that. Even though he is now gone from us, we are very thankful he was able to come to our community and instill the love of soccer to our kids. Our condolences to the Mobilio family, peace and comfort to each of you.

Rod, Susan and Reina Hooge 

Sincere condolences to Domenic's family and the soccer community from Richmond Youth Soccer Association. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and the players he has helped enjoy the game.

Roger Barnes - RYSA

Good evening from Mexico City. My name is Roger F. Grinolds, i am currently in Mexico and i heard the news about Domenic. I could not believe what i heard through a friend back in Vancouver today November 27. I was in shock to hear about it and it really made me shake. I knew Domenic for a long time, even though we went out a few times after one of the games of the 86ers at that time, him and Pedrang went out for dinner and Domenic was a great kind person. Why did God take him away and not me ? He deserved the best and i feel i want to cry. His death was not fair and i cannot believe that this had to happen to him.

To his family, it is tough to say a word right now but i know how it feels to loose a family member. I had lived that situation in the past and my condolences and support to the Mobilio family and to the Canadian Soccer Association.

Regards from Mexico !

Roger Grinolds 

I did not know this man personally, but knew lots about him through my Grandaughter Dayna Naismyth who plays for the Coquitlam Attack, she had nothing but praise for him, said it was the best kindest coach she had ever had. I type this tribute with great sorrow. To his Mum Dad, and Brothers be proud of the things this lovely man did for many soccer players. God bless you all

Rose Naismyth - Penticton, BC

Finding the right words seems so hard now. It’s never easy to know what to say after a tragic loss like this. Domenic’s sudden departure saddens me and he will be fondly remembered by all of us who were lucky enough to know him, even just a little bit. Most of us are well aware of his extraordinary soccer talents but I think that these weren’t as important to him as his family and friendships. Despite his professional accomplishments, he struck me more like someone who was humbly grateful for the life he was blessed with than some kind of superstar. He always seemed to have a smile on his face and be in a good mood whenever we talked. I have very fond memories of some humorous encounters with Domenic and I know that many, many others do also. He had very good ideas about how to help coaches and players develop and improve their abilities. Hopefully, his ideas will continue to live on.
I am sure that right now there are thousands of people all over who are joining together in prayer that Domenic’s family and friends will somehow find comfort, peace and serenity during this most difficult time. Please accept my family’s sympathy and condolences.

Roy Hansen and family 

Please accept Surrey Youth/Surrey FC Pegasus FC's condolences on the loss to your soccer family.Dom was not only a great player, dedicated Coach and a good person but always a person who handled himself with class and dignity.As recently as 2 weeks ago I was told of a conversation that Dom mentioned how much he enjoyed working with "his girls" in your Club.

He will be missed.
Our condolences

Roy Mitchell 

On behalf of our family we would like to give are condolences and our deep sympathy to the Mobilio family. It is with heartfelt sadness that we send off this message to the Mobilio family and the community. Dominic touched our family in a sincere way and will remain in our hearts leaving us with special memories. Our boys Brando and Cristiano are experiencing great sadness and emotions since they were told of this tragic news. Dominic was an amazing person and found his place as a spectacular role model to our children.
Dominic will be deeply missed by all.

Salvatore, Angela Brando & Cristiano Ciccone 

The Italian Canadian Sports Federation (ICSF) would like to send our sincere condolences to both the Mobilio family and Coquitlam City Soccer Association. This is truly a great loss to the local soccer community. Domenic was a true class act and our Club and Italian community were very proud of him. He will be missed by all but not forgotten.


Sam Pantusa - Vice President, Italian Canadian Sports Federation

For the seven years I have been playing soccer, I have known Domenic for about four. I remember the first time I went to his High Performance Camp. I was quite scared because I didn't know anyone, but Domenic made me feel as if I was one of them. Over the years we had great times with Dom that we will never forget, including our tournament in Chilliwack. He came all the way out there to cheer us on from the sidelines. Dom was amazing, he did so much for Coquitlam City Soccer and in that matter for me. He made me a stronger player, mentally and psychically. Dom made a huge impact on everyone in the CCSA. He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. Deepest sympathy for his family. Dom we'll miss you.

Sarah Butschler - #1 U15 Coquitlam City X-treme

Thank you Dominic Mobilio for everything you have done for this club. I will never forget the times where we would train and learn so much from you. You have showed us more than we can imagine about the game. Before I was refereeing on Sunday I made sure everyone knew who you were and what happened. Before the game started I had a minute of silence with the with teams. It was a tough time for some of the players as I could see in their faces. Best wishes go out to the Mobilio family.

Sincerely yours,

Sasha Plavsic - #5 U-16 Gold Inter

Domenic was a colleague and a friend. For the past two years I have had the pleasure to get to know Domenic, and his family, and he is an even greater person than he was a player. We shared a vision for the Coquitlam City Soccer and the Tri-Cities Xtreme - two things he cared deeply about and was devoted to. In his memory, I will personally see that vision through to a reality. We all owe it to Domenic for the time he gave us, not to let his efforts go for nothing. As a coach, director and parent in the Coquitlam City Soccer club, and a friend, I want to send my prayers to Domenic's parents, his brothers Tony and Johnny, and the entire Mobilio and Guzzo families for their tragic loss.

Scott Fletcher and Family - VP, Girls Competitive, Coquitlam City SoccerAssist. Coach, CCS Wild U16 Metro Co-Founder & Manager, Tri-Cities Xtreme SC

To the Mobilio family,
It is with great sadness that I hear of Dominic's passing.
I had the honor of coaching Dominic when he was with the Drillers. He truly was a great player but even more importantly a great person. He will truly be missed.
My prayers and thoughts are with you at this most difficult time.

Sean Fleming - CSA Staff Coach

Domenic was truly a special player and person. His true potential as a coach had not yet been realised. I roomed with Dom on the "A" Licence course in Toronto this past summer and the passion and knowledge he showed as a player was also there as a coach. The finest out and out clinical finisher that I ever played with. He will be sadly missed. Especially by the kids in the future who will not be touched by his wisdom. A tragic day for everyone involved with the game here in Canada.
To the Mobilio family our heartfelt sympathies go out to you.

Shaun Lowther and family. 

To the Mobilio Family,
I am sorry to learn of this tragic turn of events while we are staying in Thailand with the U19 Women's National Team and participating in the World Championships. I know that Dom touched several of these young girls lives in the past few years, as well as my own for the past 16 years.
I cannot even begin to say how devastating the loss of this passionate, positive, hard working, and friendly young man feels. It saddens me to think how much more he had to give, through soccer, and of course life.
I am saddened for your family, his friends and all the familiar faces in the North American Soccer Community, which will remember Dom for his tremendous talent on the soccer field, and dedication to the game off the field.
Please understand that we are all working hard (even though we are so far away) to deal with this tragedy.

Shel Brodsgaard 

I would like to take this opportunity to say how very sorry I was in hearing of the news of Domenic's tragic death, and let his family know how very kind and encouraging he was with my daughter Avery regarding soccer. Avery always held Domenic in very high regard, and he will be someone who she will always remember with great fondness. To his family our very deepest sympathy he will be greatly missed. God Bless.

Sheron and Avery Mason 

It's so sad that he had a heart attack on November 13. He was a legend to me. He made a difference by helping little kids like me, develop better soccer skills. He helped me a lot. He's definitely one of my favourite soccer players ever! He means a lot to me,and I can't believe he's gone. He helped me by making me focus on the basic soccer skills,and made soccer so much easier for me. He never got mad at me. He was always a nice guy. I will remember him always.

Good-Bye Domenic I'll miss you a lot.
You taught me so much.

Sierra Leung 

To the Mobilio family and the Coquitlam soccer community, I would like to pass on my condolences to the Mobilio family and all those that knew him well on his tragic passing. I will remember Domenic for his goalscoring ability, especially with the Vancouver 86ers in the former Canadian Soccer League days. A particular memory for me was when he scored in the first leg of Canada's World Cup qualifying play-off against Australia in Edmonton. It was the first international match played at Commonwealth Stadium and I travelled up from my hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan to see the match in the summer of 1993. Now, as a professional soccer reporter in England, the loss of Mobilio takes me back to a time when I started playing the game passionately in Saskatchewan and instantly remembering the CSL players of those days, like Domenic. It was great to hear of his involvment in youth soccer in Coquitlam and his commitment to working with young players.

He will be sadly missed, but not forgotten.

Simon Fudge - Soccer Reporter, skysports.com England

This tribute is from my son, Billy Sirsiris. He wrote his own tribute to Domenic as part of his journal writing homework for school this weekend. It reads:

" Yesterday one of my soccer coaches had a heart attack in his car. His name was Dom Mobilio. He was a very, very good soccer player. My family feels really sad and I do too! He used to play on the 86er's. And I will miss him. He was the best player on his soccer team. Maybe he will teach people soccer in heaven. "

Billy Sirsiris, U9 Boys Developmental Team and Wildcats

Our heartfelt wishes and deepest condolences to Domenic's family. He has touched the hearts of many!

Sirsiris Family 

Dom, I had great pleasure to play soccer with you in our younger years, you were the magic one that I will never forget. The news of your tragedy shocked the nation, myself and our family. To my God parents Joe and Maria Mobilio, Johnny and Tony, We love you very much.

Stefano Passaglia and Family 

Dominic was truly an inspiration to me. I have had the privilege of being a part of his coaching talents and the honour of calling him my friend. Dominic's presence was always a highlight on and off the field and will never be replaced. Dominic, you will be greatly missed and your spirit and enthusiasm will always live on in my heart.

Stephanie Pagliaro #13 - U16 Coquitlam City Wild

First of all, I would like to offer my condolences to the Mobilio family. This is a tragedy that no one expects or sees coming. I had a very similar experience 2 years ago with my father. Tributes like this page go a long way in the healing process, just realizing how much impact a person has in the lives of others. I was fortunate enough to play with Domenic on the U-16 national team and with the 86ers for two years in the early 90s. He was a top class person, only to match this with his playing ability. He was the most natural goal scorer this country has every produced. I competed against Dom growing up when he was playing with the Willingdon Cubs and then his Templeton High School team. He was fair, honest, and played the game the way it should be. God bless you, Dom, and I hope you can look down at everyone and know how much of a positive influence you were to people around you. Rest in peace my friend.

Stephen Burns - Club Ireland

I was saddened today with the news of Dominic Mobilios’ sudden and unexpected passing. Both our children Daniel and Brendan play for the Coquitlam City Soccer Association. Daniel was devastated today when I told him. He said to me “Dad that can’t be, I was just talking to him yesterday at my game. He was watching me play goal and was giving me tips.” Daniel mentioned to me that while Dominic was watching him from the sideline they exchanged smiles; Daniel was thinking to himself how Dominic was so distinguished in soccer and that he was looking at someone with so many more years of experience than himself. My thoughts were that Daniel was idolizing him and who better than Dominic to idolize? He was such a wonderful person that will be truly missed by all who knew him. I would like to express our families’ sympathy to the entire Mobilio family.

Stephen, Anna, Daniel and Brendan Clark 

It is with great sadness that I write this letter. I had the extreme pleasure of playing with and against Domenic, and I know it has been said many times already, he was far and above the most natural goal scorer Canada has ever had. I have and always will measure the level of strikers in our country and in our local leagues, using the standard Domenic has set. In the seasons I played against Domenic in the CSL, I always was aware of where he was on the field, because I knew that he had the innate ability to put your team away with the pure magic only he possessed in front of the net. I finally got the chance to be a teammate with Domenic for two years with the 86'ers, and I will never forget how he made me feel a part of that already established team right from the start. Domenic was truly magnetic, whether it was the young lads or the veteran players, he had a way about him that drew everyone towards him. A very classy teammate and leader. Whether playing with or against Domenic, he always made you a better player. Although in recent years I haven't seen Domenic as often as in the past, whenever I did, he was still the same thoughtful, caring, and humble person as he always was. He never cheated anyone, he always respected anyone he came across, and he was truly a sincere and genuine man that never forgot his family and friends.

To the Mobilio family, our heartfelt condolences.

To Domenic thank you for being a great teammate and friend. You will never be forgotten.


Steve Millar and family 

Domo was and still is an inspiration to us all. He still represents the enthusiasm and dedication that we need to make our game better. I have had the pleasure on many occasions to spend time with him talking football and shared many a hearty laugh. I simply do not know what to say. Domenic keep an eye on us, everyone who you have touched is eternally grateful. My condolences to the Mobilio Family!

Stuart Neely - Coaching and Player Development Manager, Manitoba Soccer Association

The news of Dom's passing has saddened our family. During my past two years of working on Coquitlam City Soccer's Executive and last four years of our children playing under Dom's guidance I was able to get to know Dom not only during our planning meetings, but on the rain soaked sidelines of many a mini soccer game at Mundy Park. His heartfelt and genuine encouragement for the younger players was constant and just part of who Dom was. Dom was one of those people who could always make you feel glad that you had seen him. He excelled not only at the game, but at mentoring the players of the game. His enthusiasm was infectious and it extended to the Executive, Coaches, Parents, and Players alike. CCS is poorer for his loss, but stronger from his efforts. Our thoughts are with the Mobilio family.

Sue, Steve, Paige, and Cam Whittemore 

I was with Domenic in august for the A license program.

After ten days its difficult to know someone but in this case, Domenic was so simple and friendly that after one hour he was your friend. Thank you Domenic for the time we passed together and for the good moments we have.

Sylvain RASTELLO - Entraîneur-cadre Quebec Soccer Federation

After being part of the Domenic Mobilio High Performance Camp, and a former Coquitlam City soccer player, I think this is a beyond devastating loss. Dom was an amazing person, always smiling and saying something positive, and always made you feel like you were important to him. When I was in his high performance camp, and when I saw him play, I was amazed at how truly brilliant he was. I was definitely looking forward to trying out for the U16 Provincial Team that Dom was going to coach, and I'm sure he would have done excellent. He will be greatly missed, and his kindness and love for the game will live on in our hearts forever.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the Mobilio family.

Tamara Cormier 

It's just amazing reading through a page like this! One of the amazing parts is that Domenic touched so many lives in such a positive way in such a short life. My daughter has had the pleasure of attending his High Performance Academy for the past 2 years. It always blows me away when a teacher/coach can meet kids and immediately remember their names. I remember standing there thinking how many kids he must know by name. And now they are remembering him...

Our condolences to Domenic's family for their loss.

The Askew Family 

We are so saddened to hear about the loss of Dominec at such a young age. Our son had the privilege of taking his soccer camp in the summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. We had looked forward to him taking more. What a loss to the soccer association and everyone that knew him. Our prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends.

The Benka family 

We're all going to miss Dominic. He was an inspiration to all the young soccer players and to all of us coaches. He played and coached soccer with enthusiasm and passion. When we practiced at Mundy Park, we could hear Dominic's encouragements and instructions that he gave to the the young players he coached, and we could see Dominic's tall frame dribbling a soccer ball, as he demonstrated his quick and evasive moves. We're sure that he will still be coaching all of us as he will be looking down on to Mundy Park and the rest of the fields encouraging us and directing us as we play the best sport in the world. No one understands why he had to leave so soon and suddenly, but some say that the coach of all coaches needed him up there with him, and he only takes the best. We send our sympathies and prayers to his family and close friends.

The coaching staff and players of the SPURS. 

Our U-7 Girls “Purple Lightening” played in honor of Dominic today. The girls played with pride, determination and a team spirit that would have made Dominic proud as he smiled down from above. Our team, parents, players and coaches send our prayers to Dominic’s family and friends. He made a difference, thousands of adults and children have become the better, for having known and played under his guidance. I can only assume that God needed a head coach in Heaven and that is why he was taken from us so soon! May you rest in peace and God bless you Dominic.

The Epplette Family - U7 Purple Lightening, U9 Thunder, U13 Synergy

There was no better coach, person or friend then Dom, and he touched the hearts of so many, not only on the field but off as well. He will be greatly and sadly missed by players as well as those who knew him, our deepest and warmest condolances to his family and many friends.

Our Thoughts and Prayers
Are With You Now and Always!

The Hacker Family 

We are all blessed to have been a part of Domenic’s life. We will not meet a finer young man. A compassionate and caring person taken far too soon from this world. It takes a very special individual to be admired, loved and looked up to by the youth of today as evident by the numerous tributes bestowed upon you. It is a testimony to your character for the enthusiasm you displayed, the willingness to share, and the ability to give back to the community that set you apart from others. Our condolences to the Mobilo family, all Dom’s friends and to his extended family in Coquitlam. Dom, you touched everyone’s heart and you will be sadly missed.

The Howardson Family - And your young players from the U-12 boys Gold United, U-16 girls Gold Impact

Our hearts go out to the Mobilio family for their loss, we had the pleasure in meeting Dom at a soccer camp that he had in North Vancouver quite a few years ago, my son was so excited he said look mom its Dom Mobilio and much more excited that Dom spoke with him. He was an excepitional man and truly a great player who has touched the lives of so many people may you rest in peace Dom

The Nahanee Family 

All of us at the Roman Tulis European Soccer School of Excellence would like to offer our deepest sympathies to the Mobilio family for their very tragic loss. The soccer community has lost a great man, and he shall forever be missed.

The Roman Tulis Soccer School 

As the song says only the good die young. Sadly enough we have lost yet another good one. Domenic was a kind man and was a great inspiration to our soccer team when he came out to help. He was always positive with the girls and they respected his opinion. Lost but will not be forgotten, lets keep the ball rolling for Domenic.

The U14 Rebels 

I would like to send my deepest condolences to the friends and family of Domenic Mobilio. My families prayers are with you all and he will be missed. 

My name is Roy Viana and I had the pleasure of competing against Domenic at all levels of outdoor soccer from a club, provincial and professional level. I have been leaving in the U.S for some time now but never forget my soccer memories.
My fondest memory was in 1986 National Club Championship in Saskatchewan playing against Domenic. I was playing for Edmonton Juventus and we meet B.C in the semi final match. My teammates and I had heard some much about this one player "Mobilio" and as it turned out he meet all the hype. We won that night a bit of an upset but I will always remember how hard Domenic
worked the night to win and how confident he carried himself after the game. We later competed several times at the provincial level and finally numerous times professionally. Domenic as a 86er and I as a brickmen in the CSL. He never changed as a player over all those year hard working, confident and classy. I always admired Domenic and he was a great role model. I believe we live off the field as we did on and I'm sure this was true of him. We are the same age and the news of his passing has effected me greatly and also strengthened my soccer memories even more.

I am just one of many, many people you don't know with memories of Domenic and the positive effect he had on people.

He will never be forgotten !

The Viana Family - Coconut Creek, Florida

I would just like to add to the many tributes that will flow for Domenic following this tragic news. His love, enthusiasm and passion for the game of soccer will never be forgotten or replaced. But he was so much more than that. The positive attitude he represented in every minute of his life, the constant encouragement for the kids, coaches and all associated with our soccer club, will always be remembered. I only came to know Dom during his time with Coquitlam City Soccer and I count myself blessed to have known the man. His influence will always stay with me. My prayers and condolences go out to the Mobilio family.

Tom Jamieson 

Domenic Mobilio will be missed by everyone, not only in the soccer world but outside of it as well. Dom was truly a gentleman who was a very gifted player. When I was coaching the Winnipeg Fury in the CSL and we had the 86ers coming up, the majority of the week was spent on how we were going to defend Domenic. He was such a great goalscorer and even when you felt that you had him, he would do something comletely magical and finish it with a great goal. Then I would hear the person in the stands shout out "Thank You Domenic Mobilio" and the entire crowd would join in. Today everyone is shouting that out. Thank you Domenic Mobilio for showing us what a class person looks like. You are a great role model for all of the youth players in Canada not only in Coquitlam.You will be sadly missed but I sincerely hope that all of the youth players take note of the quality and the sportsmanship that you always showed. You are without a doubt the best striker that Canada has ever had and it is going to be tough trying to fill your shoes.My sincere condolences go out to the Mobilio family. My prayers are with you Dom, please give us the vision that you had so that we may continue on with the development of soccer.

Tom McManus 

I would like to offer my condolences to Domenic's family for their very sad loss. Domenic was a member of the 1986/87 U20 National Youth Team and played a tremendous role in that team's success. As coach of that group of boys I found Domenic a pleasure to work with, always smiling and very popular with the rest of the team and staff. To be taken from his family so young is indeed a tragedy.

Tony Taylor - U20 Coach 1986/87

As everyone involved in soccer here in BC and in Canada tries to recover from the shock and disbelief in losing a person of Domenic’s incredible qualities, I feel a couple of insights may help those who may have known Domenic or may give a perspective for those who only had the privilege of seeing him play.

In 1986, Domenic became one of the youngest – maybe the youngest – player to join the men’s national team in a game at BC Place preceding the Mexico World Cup finals. He was just 17 and an outstanding player already.
Then he became the Vancouver 86ers first player signing. He and player coach, Bob Lenarduzzi, gave immediate credibility to both the new club and the fledgling Canadian Soccer League. Several of us were pushing for Domenic’s signing, but as a non-profit society, as we were then, the question was - could we afford Domenic? We paid Domenic $10,000 for his first season’s 86er contract. It may have been the best investment in Vancouver’s soccer history.

Last week, Domenic, who was emerging as a soccer coach of great distinction, should have been attending his first meeting of the BC Soccer Association’s Coaching Advisory Committee. He had volunteered to join the committee and we were only too happy to co-opt him. He had already accepted the post of the BC Girls Under 16 team coach – just another commitment he willingly volunteered for and he felt privileged to have been selected for.

Domenic did not make the coaching committee meeting, but his influence and inspiration will continue to guide soccer in BC for many years to come.

Our hearts go out to Domenic’s family at this terribly sad time.

Tony Waiters and Family 

Domenic was an inspirational person in so many different ways. Absolutely devoted to soccer and especially devoted to all the players. Over the last two years, I have had the privilege to know him and to see the players Domenic has personally helped. 

Domenic will be greatly missed but he will truly never be forgotten.
We personally remenber all the training sessions for Team United and fully appreciated his commitment, positive style, total enjoyment and dedication with everyone. Domenic you truly were an excellent role model and a great person to know forever.

Tony, Deborah, Timothy and Matthew Brown 

I never knew Dominic until last year when i was apart of his soccer camp. Before i knew him i heard great stories, stories about how he was the best of the best and someone everyone enjoyed being with. Before i met him, i found it hard to believe that he was that nice of a guy and that he was that good at soccer, but when i finally was blessed with the oppertunity to meet him, i realized just how special a guy he was. I helped him out with his camp for the month or so it went on and everyday i was out there with the kids, i knew that the kids were enjoying the presence of dominic. Dominic was truely one of the greatest players i know and he will be missed deeply. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Travis Janot #10 - U21 Arsenal

Dom was a great coach and a great friend...I had the pleasure of being one of his players on the archbishop carney senior boys soccer team. This was Domenics first year coaching the senior boys at carney as he had coached the senior girls the previous year.. I think I speak for everyone out there in saying that Domenic was a great coach and will be greatly missed by all his players, friends, and family..

Rest in peace my man,

Tristan O'Loughlin and rest of archbishop carney senior boys soccer team 

Dom was a true hero...he affected are team sooo much! We loved dom, he was always there for us ,always smiling and had something good to say about everyone. Still i dont want to belive what has happened. Dom was a amazing soccer player and coach... he did so much for everyone around him and affected so many people with so much he had to offer. Dom lived for coquitlam and soccer and his loss is such a big thing. His parents should be so proud of dom because he was the nicest person We have met. Dom affected our team soo much..he was are biggest supporter and we all everone of us loved him so much!!!!! DOM YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGETTEN RIP....



The Canadian Soccer Community will never forget you, as a player, but more importantly, as a good person. My deepest condolences to the family. From a soccer Fan

Valerio Gazzola 

Domenic was not only a good friend but a role model to all! He contributed to Coquitlam City Soccer assostion with a great amount of love and care, taking his time to make each and every soccer player the best they can be! Domenic was a coach of the Senior Boys at Archbishop Carney secondary school and also coached the Senior Girls, I am very upset that domenic will not be able to coach the Senior Girls this year. I also give my condolences to the Mobilio Family. R.I.P Domenic, your not only a soccer player, your a friend that will be remembered always in my heart.

Vanessa Lucarino - U14 Gold Eagleridge Fusion

On behalf of the British Columbia Soccer Association and its entire membership our deepest condolensces to the Mobilio family.
Domenic was a first class citizen of the game and one of those rare individuals who had the ability to touch everyone around him, his family should be proud in the fact that he was one of the few who made a difference in our community by giving back to the game he loved so much and not just taking away for his own personal glory. Domenic, you will be sorely missed but your legacy will live on in the spirit of all the people and children you touched.
On a personal note, I am proud to call Domenic a very close friend, I will miss our weekly discussions on the state of the game and how to improve it, your passion was inspirational. I pledge to you Domenic that many of the ideas we discussed about making things right in our beautiful game, I will continue to champion as you did daily through your inspirational coaching and mentoring of kids. You were a reflection of a loving family and you along with your brothers Tony and John are testimonial to your parents love and dedication. Rest now my friend and watch over us.
To Coquitlam City Soccer, your support of Domenic's leadership was an excellent example to the soccer community, the British Columbia Soccer Association will continue to support your development initiatives, continue with the journey Domenic started you on.


Victor Montagliani, - President, British Columbia Soccer Association

My sincere condolences to the Mobilio Family. I competed against Domenic and was always impressed at how he carried himself on and off the soccer field, he will be missed.

Victor Pace - Lonestar Soccer Club - Austin, Texas

When my daughter Gabriella was 3 years old in 1988, Domenic was playing with the Vancouver 86er's. Living in Ontario and not seeing him unless he was here to play against the Toronto Blizzard's didn't keep us from cheering him on and getting together with him whenever his schedule allowed. One time when he was over, Gabriella asked him how he could bounce that ball on his knees and feet as well as he did. "Practice," he said. "Practice everyday. Every chance you get." Gabriella was score leader on 98% of the teams she was on, and developed into a player with ball handling skills unlike any other girl on any of her teams, thanks to his advice. She was going to try out for the Canadian National Team in 2001, but tore her ACL two days after 9/11 before that tryout could happen. Still, the love of the game Domenic helped inspire in her, within the few opportunities he had to share with her, remains alive in her today, as she pursues acquiring her coaching levels. As a family member, sharing those evenings of laughter and fellowship with Domenic whenever he could come out to our house after the games are memories we will always cherish in our hearts. We didn't get to spend as much time with Domenic as we would have liked, since we are separated by distance and time, but the short time we spent together has placed him in our hearts as a treasure. His smile was truly contagious. His manner was always gentle and kind. His words were soft spoken and encouraging. His disposition was that of a gentleman and friend. Domenic my prayers are with you, Beloved. May the Hand of GOD hold you near as you have entered the kingdom where life will never end. May He cause HIS FACE to SHINE upon you and may every moment of this new journey for you, fill you to overflowing with the Blessings HE has prepared for those who love others as they would that others love them.

God Bless you, Dearest Heart.

Your cousins,

Vincent, Mariavittoria, Marcella, Juliana, Gabriella, and Vittoria Trichilo 

I was fortunate to have met Dom back in 1985 when our club teams met in Ottawa for the Canadian National Championships. I remember all I kept hearing was how great this player was from Vancouver and how he was such a great goal scorer. After the game, we spoke and he was as great a guy as he was a player. A couple of years later, we met again when we both played for
the Canadian National youth team. I feel so fortunate to have known you Dom; you were not only a great player and a great person but also a good friend. Throughout the years, every time he played in Toronto or in some town where I happened to be we would always get together and reminisce. Through his great success in indoor and outdoor he always stayed true to who he was and what he loved. Canada has lost a great ambassador to the game of soccer and we all lost a great person, player, coach, mentor and friend. My condolences to the Mobilio family, you really made something special.

Vito Serafini 

It is all the way from Japan that I heard of the sudden and tragic passing of a truly nice guy, Domenic Mobilio. I am writing this to convey my deepest sympathies and condolences to the entire Mobilo Family.
I knew Domenic for almost 30 years having grown up as his neighbor on East Georgia street in Vancouver and attending the same elementary and high school. I grew up friends mostly with Dom's younger Brother Tony, but a many a days a few of us including Dom would play soccer or street hockey in our front yards. Even at a young age, Dom displayed a special athletic prowess that you knew he was going to achieve great things one day. In my teens, my family moved away, but even several years later, I would see Domenic every so often, either driving in his Honda Civic or at a restaurant and each time he seemed to go out of his way to wave or say hi. I want everyone to know that he did achieve great things and in all the years I've known him, he always been respectful and humble. I am truly saddened that he is now gone and I know he will be missed not only by the soccer community but by all of us who knew him as just Dom, the guy down the street.

Walter Schneider - Japan

On Behalf of The Cranbrook Youth Soccer Association, we send our heartfelt condolences to Domenic Mobilio's family and the soccer community of the Lower Mainland for their great loss.


Warren Golding - Vice-Chair Cranbrook Youth Soccer Association

The loss of Domenic Mobilio will be keenly felt by so many people, as was evident at the field today.... players sobbed quietly, and were consoled by teammates; parents, coaches and other Club representatives choked back the tears as they discussed amongst themselves what Domenic meant to them, or to their while nurturing their love of the game. He touched the lives of so many in this community and we will miss him.

Wendy Harvey - Diablos

How could you “not” like Domenic….the guy could make anyone laugh. Domenic was dedicated to soccer development. The U16 “Gunners” had Domenic teach them some great skills and drills that will help them all of their playing days. I’ll never forget the time Domenic came out to see his cousins Michael and Ryan play lacrosse. Michael was a little droopy that day and was not very motivated. We looked up the hill (at Rochester box) and there was Domenic. I guess this gave “super” Mike a reason to play and he lit up the box by scoring 4 goals. It was interesting to hear about his international and professional days with our local teams. He never slagged anyone, and was always quite humbling about his success. Domenic attended my father’s funeral and he did not even know my dad. But that was the kind of person he was and the kind of respect he had for others. All the words like “surreal”, “unfair”, “disbelief”, “anger” and “no way” come to mind, but they will not bring Domenic back. He was “life” and will always be “life” in our hearts. I have a tear in my eye as I am writing this because all of us have lost a “GREAT” friend. But the tears soon go away when you think of Domenic and the way he could liven up the room, or jokingly smile at you and make you smile. I know how hard Domenic worked for our soccer club and his efforts are proof that this club is and will stay strong. My heart felt condolences go out to Domenic’s Mother and Father. Your boy was a “class act “. Take care of yourselves Tony and John. To the entire Mobilio family, we are here for you and we are thinking about you at this very difficult time. The circle of life is a lousy thing sometimes, but we can all cherish the time we had with Domenic. If it was indeed Domenics heart that gave out, I am sure it was from giving so much of it to others.

Good bye my friend…We will miss you “Dom Ho”

Wesley, Joanne, Curtis, Mitchell and Griffin Sim 

On behalf of the Vancouver Metro Soccer League, I would like to extend our deepest and most sincere condolences to the Mobilio family. Domenic was one of the true gentlemen in our sport and a remarkable role model for young players. Our prayers and our thoughts are with you. May you rest in peace!

William Azzi - VMSL