Message From Club President, Alex Barnetson

Posted on: September 10, 2021

As I continue into my 60th year, recent events and experiences remind me how we can get caught up in the immediate and lose sight of what is important. Life’s simple blessings taken for granted.  Milestone developments missed.  Chances to celebrate passed by. We miss out on the opportunity to reflect on the positives in our lives and the positive affects our struggles have on our development.

As the club enters, what we hope is a full season of play under the clouds of a 4th wave of the COVID pandemic, we are:

Grateful for our community leaders and front line care givers, who continue to work tirelessly to keep us safe, while balancing our freedoms and mental health.

Grateful for the opportunity to pursue the passions in our lives, especially soccer and sport.

Grateful for the community (City and School District) who provides our youth with the facilities, staff, and environment to develop their personal brilliance.

Grateful for the hundreds of dedicated, selfless and caring volunteers, who are the lifeblood of our club.

Grateful for the passionate, knowledgeable, tireless, and empathetic leadership of our staff who support our volunteers and members.

Grateful for the faith our community has shown in our club, as families return in record numbers to our programs this year.

Grateful for the guidance provided by advocates for quality sport who challenge us to raise our game, while providing us with the tools and guidance to deliver for our youth.

Grateful for the investment we have and are making to develop a more inclusive, values-based culture; dedicated to developing both the athlete and the person – in partnership with families, staff, coaches, volunteers and match officials.

Grateful for the competition and collegiality provided by our fellow clubs without whom our development and that of our young athletes would be much less enriching.

In closing, I am personally grateful for the opportunity to be part of this organization and give back to our community and the beautiful game.

We hope you join us in embracing the successes and challenges this upcoming season will have to offer and take a moment to just enjoy watching them play.