U8 - U10 FAQs

U8 - U10 FAQs

U8 Frequently Asked Questions

During registration, please input any player requests in the comment section of the questionnaire. All efforts will be made to honour friends requests, however, returning players have the opportunity to remain with their team as long as they are registered by May 15th. There is the potential that specific team rosters remain full and no new players are added. Teams are also formed in an attempt to balance ability and experience in players.

Parents or individuals interested in coaching a CMFSC team is asked to visit the TEAM OFFICIALS INFO PAGE and contact the Age Group Coordinator to express your interest. 

Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club provides two streams for Under 8 - Under 10 League Players: Community Stream (previously known as House) Development Stream.

Both streams offer players the opportunity to develop technical ability, comprehension of team play and formations, and individual agility, balance and coordination in a fun and challenging environment. The goal of ability based teams is to allow all players to play at their current skill and confidence level. We want all players to be challenged, to build their skills and to enjoy their playing experiences which supports Long Term Player Development. With two development streams, our league teams are more balanced in overall ability which allows for a more productive learning environment and offers all players/teams a chance for success.

Community and Development teams are formed at Under 8 based on technical staff identification during the Under 7 Initiation Program, CMFSC Training Programs, and CMFSC Camps. Prospects rosters will have a smaller amount of players to allow for continued movement from the Community stream. Technical staff will work with team officials to provide opportunities for Community stream players to practice and play games with Development teams as the season allows. There is no timeline on the player development pathway - each individual athlete is unique. As a result, changes to rosters may be made before, during, or after a season on player placement for all U8 - U10 age groups.

There will not be formal try-out/evaluation dates for these players as all players have been assessed through our year-round program.

Newly registered players to the Club will be placed on a Community team unless identified through Spring, Summer, or Fall/Winter Season programs.

Some Guiding Principles

  • Year-round assessment of players by technical staff coaches, Age Group Head Coaches, and volunteer coaches.
  • Upward promotion of players with limited downward demotion (typically only to enhance confidence/fun).
  • Technical Staff support for all volunteer coaches in the age group.

Under 8

We will use the foundation of our Under 7 Initiation Program to start forming our teams. We will try to keep groups of players together that have formed connections. Because Under 7 teams had up to 14 players, some teams may be split as Under 8 rosters are smaller. All teams will be formed with trying to balance ability and to ensure that all teams have volunteer head coaches. 

Some may and some may not. When you leave the Initiation Program and enter the Under 8 age group, the teams become smaller and teams do not stay together. In the Under 8 age group, the teams are coached entirely by the parent coach and do not have staff support on a weekly basis.

Under 9

Under 10 

All registration is completed on Power Up. Players in both the house and development stream will register for the same program (Under 8, Under 9 or Under 10). Players will then be rostered to their correct stream/team by an Age Group Coordinator. 

Under 8: 6 aside, 5 players plus a goalkeeper

Under 9: 7 aside, 6 players plus a goalkeeper

Under 10: 7 aside, 6 players plus a goalkeeper

Newly registered players to the Club will be placed on a House team unless identified to play development through Spring, Summer, or Fall/Winter Season long process.

No, it is the same cost for registration for both the House and Development stream.

For all practices and games, players must wear appropriate athletic clothing like t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants/trackpants. Jeans are not permitted. Players should also bring any weather appropriate clothing like a rain jacket, a hat/toque, and/or gloves. Players must also wear shin-guards with soccer socks and cleats or turf shoes.

All players will receive a CMFSC uniform which includes soccer socks, shorts, and two jerseys. These must be worn for games. Players may wear their uniforms to practice as well but it is not required. 

Club wear can be purchased here

We will start the team formation process after May 15th. This is a long process and team placement will be confirmed with families by August 1st. Team practice information will be confirmed by August 15th. 

Teams will be formed with all efforts to balance all teams in the House and the Development Divisions. This will be done in collaboration with the Under 8 Coordinators and CMFSC Technical Head Coaches of Minis Boys & Girls.

U9 Frequently Asked Questions

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