Expectations & Board Meetings


  • May sit on a committee; Current committees are Governance & Nominations, Finance, and Evergreen Fund
  • Board members can participate in any Committees
  • May participate in assisting staff in club events
  • 2 hours of preparation for month Board Meetings

Board Meetings:

  • Meets monthly for up to 3 hours each time on the last Monday of every month (except July/August)
  • Some decisions may be made by email pending urgency
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the spring (usually March)
  • Meetings are held virtually or in person (Coquitlam)
  • Adhoc meetings may be called pending urgency
  • Meeting package available one week before the meeting
  • New business may be added at the start of the meeting
  • Meeting proceedings follow the Robert’s Rules of Order
  • President chairs the meeting; Secretary captures minutes
  • Executive Director attends all Board meetings and has no voting rights