Club Curriculum

The CMFSC Curriculum has been developed to standardize all player and coach development within our club. The objective is to provide all coaches with the right tools to be prepared and organized for each training session with a clear periodization plan on player development throughout the season. Session plans have been specifically developed for age and level in mind. Through our curriculum model players will work towards the following targets: 

  • Psychological & Social - love for the game, self confidence, respect, and teamwork
  • Tactical - possession play, combination play, and crossing & finishing
  • Technical - dribbling & running with the ball, passing & receiving, defending 1v1, and ball control
  • Physical - Physical literacy, quickness and agility, strength, sprint speed & aerobic power
  • Personal Development - recognition of struggle and understanding its value and necessity to improve 

We are excited to announce that CMFSC Curriculum is now available on MOJO Sports. Coaches can download the MOJO Sports app to a smart phone to access season long curriculum which will now include VIDEO for each activity! Please watch the quick video below for how to download MOJO Sports and access the CMF Curriculum, or follow the directions at the bottom of this page. 

If you have any issues with accessing the CMFSC Curriculum, please contact Esteban Mora