Coquitlam Votes 2022!

Posted on: October 12, 2022

Saturday, October 15th, the City of Coquitlam will be electing a new city council (8 seats) and mayor (1) for a four year term. 

As a member of the Coquitlam Field Sports Association ('CFSA'), we heavily rely on the City of Coquitlam for facilities to operate programs to serve you and the community. The City of Coquitlam manages all community facilities (apart from a few notable exceptions) and Council oversees the strategic allocation of resources and vision for the community. We are grateful for the achievements of Council with providing a new turf field at Centennial and look forward to future projects that continue support our incredible growth and recreation needs. 

The CFSA took an active approach in canvassing candidates for this year's election, specifically regarding their views on sport facilities and their visions for the future of recreation within Coquitlam. Matched with previous interactions either with the CFSA and/or city council, the CFSA reviewed survey results and discussed at lengths their findings. We welcome you to review their supporting documents by clicking here

We are pleased to share the work the Coquitlam Field Sports Association has completed in engaging candidates for Council and share their support for identified candidates. 

Richard Stewart - Mayor

“Richard Stewart has a long history of actively supporting community sports and recreational activities. Over his time as Mayor of Coquitlam, we have seen the growth and expansion of quality facilities throughout Coquitlam have benefitted both organized and casual users. His experience as Mayor, and commitment to maintaining active and affordable opportunities, for all residents has been demonstrated over many years. As outdoor sport and recreation activities continue to grow it is Richard’s experience and leadership that we need and look forward to working with over the next four year. 

Matt Djonlic – City Councilor

“Matt’s outreach and commitment to Coquitlam Sports and Recreation activities is important to the Coquitlam Sport Field Users who assist over 9,000 registered sport users the ability to access affordable quality facilities.  We look forward to working with you as part of city council to enhance outdoor spaces our community enjoys and appreciates every day.”

Craig Hodge – City Councilor

“Craig has shown his commitment to Coquitlam over numerous years through his support of upgraded and new sport, and recreation facilities. His leadership on the Sport and Recreation Advisory Committee demonstrated a clear understanding of the growing needs of the city for both organized and casual sport users, and with several challenging projects to come in the next four years, Craig’s experience will help guide these initiatives to completion. We look forward to working with Craig over the next four years.

Trish Mandeweo – City Councilor

“Ms. Mandewo brings together a balanced and thoughtful understanding of the community’s growth and value in outdoor sport facilities. Recognizing the challenging aspects of growth and access, make Trish’ ideas even more important for our growing city. Her approach to collaboration and new partnerships provides guidance for the future. We look forward to working with Trish over the next four years”. 

Dennis Marsden – City Councilor

“Dennis has demonstrated his commitment to the City of Coquitlam by supporting sport and recreation activities. He has been part of decisions made to update current and create new facilities, for both casual, and organized sport users. We are excited to hear about his commitment to continually improving access for all community members, while maintaining affordability. Dennis’s experience, knowledge and commitment to Coquitlam is what we all need, and we’re looking forward to working with him for the next four years 

Robert Mazzarolo – City Councilor

“We are pleased to hear about your ideas on access and development of initiatives that support sport and recreation activities, for all residents of Coquitlam. Robert Mazzarolo’s experience as a volunteer and his commitment to the community, as whole, will make him a great addition to city council”

We recognize that many issues are carefully considered when determining a candidate to vote for and we encourage all members to actively participate in this year's election by voting for the candidate that suites your needs and represents your values.