CMFSC Evergreen Fund

Posted on: February 11, 2023

Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club is excited to announce the launch of its Evergreen Fund, a new initiative designed to support community youth sports in the Tri-Cities. The fund will provide financial assistance to local families who may not be able to afford the costs associated with participating in organized sports.

The Aspen Institute's Project Play report, Youth Sports Facts - Why Play Matters, highlights several challenges facing community sports and youth, including:

  1. Financial barriers to participation: The cost of participating in organized sports, including registration fees, equipment, and transportation, can be prohibitive for many families.
  2. Lack of access to facilities and equipment: Many communities lack the facilities and equipment necessary to support youth sports programs.
  3. Lack of trained coaches and volunteers: A shortage of trained coaches and volunteers can make it difficult for community sports programs to provide quality instruction and mentorship to young athletes.

The Government of Canada also acknowledges the barriers that youth sport face and they are taking steps to help address some of these issues by investing in sport infrastructure and providing funding to help with the cost of sports registration, and training for coaches and officials. The government is also promoting initiatives that increase access to sport programs in disadvantaged and underrepresented communities.

These challenges underscore the importance of initiatives, which aim to remove financial barriers to participation in youth sports and help ensure that every child in the community can experience the benefits of sports.

The Evergreen Fund will support several different initiatives in the community. These include:

  1. Scholarships: The fund will provide financial assistance to local families who may not be able to afford the costs associated with participating in organized sports. This will allow more children in the community to participate in sports and experience the benefits they provide.
  2. Pathway (Player, Coach, Officials): The fund will support the development of pathways for young athletes, coaches, and officials to progress through the ranks. This will help create a sustainable pipeline of talent in the community.
  3. Facility Development: The fund will also support the development of new sports facilities and the improvement of existing ones in the community. This will provide more opportunities for children to participate in sports and improve the quality of the programs offered.
  4. Supported Community Charities: The fund will also support local charities that focus on improving the lives of children and families in the community. This will help make a positive impact on the lives of people in the community and improve the overall well-being of the community.

By supporting these initiatives, the Evergreen Fund will help create a stronger, more vibrant sports community in the Tri-Cities area, and give more children the opportunity to experience the benefits of youth sports.

Starting February 15th, members will be able to directly contribute to The Evergreen Fund while registering for other programs on Power Up! Members have the option to select which need they'd like their donation directed to: Community Charities, Development, Facilities, General, or Scholarships.With a minimum $20 donation, members will receive a tax receipt.

Donations will also be collected from businesses and organizations in the community. We are also planning a series of fundraising events throughout the year to raise awareness and support for the fund.

We would like to thank our partners and the community for the support in advance and we encourage anyone who is interested in supporting this initiative to contact us. We are excited to see the positive impact the Evergreen Fund will have on the lives of local children and families, and we look forward to working with the community to make youth sports accessible to all.

For more information about the Evergreen Fund, please visit our COMMUNITY PAGE