Air Quality Information

Posted on: August 21, 2023

As many teams start returning to practices over the next few days/weeks, we wanted to remind everyone of the Air Quality Guidelines. Please check this LINK for the most up to date AQHI. The AQHI is updated hourly - example, the 5pm reading is posted at 5:50pm. Based on BCSA's policy, please follow these recommendations:

  • If AQHI is 3 or lower: train as normal. 
  • If AQHI is 4 - 6: adjust practice by... 
    • Reducing intensity 
    • Reducing the duration of the practice 
    • Providing rest periods 
  • If AQHI is 7: cancel practice. 

 Air quality can change very quickly, so we appreciate you taking an active approach with ensuring the safety of our players.