Evergreen Fund Committee

Evergreen Fund Committee

Chaired by the President, guiding the establishment and initial operation of the Evergreen Fund. Works with external investment advisors, accountants and philanthropic partners to establish governance structure, fund management and disbursement guidelines.


The membership of the Evergreen Fund Committee shall be comprised of a minimum of three members, two of which must be members of the Board of Directors. The Chair and Vice-Chair must be members of the Board of Directors.  The Staff liaison will be the Membership Manager.

Note: Committee members should possess a sufficient level of investment and financial management and/or have experience with scholarship or grant oversight programs.


The goals of the Evergreen Fund Committee shall be to advise the Board on the framework, policy and structures desired to establish, manage, grow and disburse awards or grants.


  1. Develop objectives for the Evergreen Fund
  2. Recommended and develop the structure and governance guidelines required to oversee and manage the Fund as it evolves from Club managed to independent, but affiliated control.
  3. Develop Investment Policy Guidelines for management and growth of the funds
  4. Create additional policies as required.
  5. Research and recommend investment advisor/firm.
  6. Create guidelines for deployment and timing of disbursement of awards or grants.
  7. Develop internal procedures and controls for financial reporting and planning.
  8. Recommend calendar of activities, criteria for award/grants, process for application and award.

Jurisdiction: The Committee can make any recommendations with respect to Evergreen Fund operations for approval by the Board.