U13 - U18 Divisional Information

U13 - U18 Divisional Information

Boys & Girls 2022 - 2023 BC Coastal Soccer League Structure

U15 - U18 Metro

U13 - U18 Division 1

U13 - U18 Division 2

U13 - U18 Division 3

The BC Coastal Soccer League has recently decided to reduce the amount of division within the league. Starting in the fall of 2021, the league will eliminate the Metro division. All other age groups from U15 and up will be grandfathered and follow the current structure with Metro/Div 1/Div 2/Div 3 until they age out. Click here to read the full memo.

Boys & Girls 2022 - 2023 BC Coastal Soccer League Structure

U13 - U18 Registration Fees

Age Group Birth Year 2022-23 Registration Fee
Metro (U15 - U18) 2008 - 2005 $475
U17 & U18 2006 - 2005 $410
U15 & U16 2008 - 2007 $380
U13 Div 2 /3 & U14 2010 - 2009 $355
U14 & U13 Div 1 2010 - 2009 $475

Under 13 - U18 Team Placement Process

The Under 13 - U18 age group is a continuation of the philosophy to group players with similar ability so coaches are able to deliver activities at a pace that will meet their players’ needs. In this way, instruction is differentiated, meeting players at their level with the goal of moving them along the continuum of Long Term Player Development. We want all players to be challenged, to build their skills and to enjoy their playing experiences.

Please visit our Team Placement page for more information.

Some Guiding Principles for the Under 13 - Under 18 Age Group:

  • Year-long assessment of players by technical staff coaches, Age Group Head Coaches, and volunteer coaches.
  • Technical support for all coaches in the age group.
  • A clear communication plan to parents and coaches.

Please refer to the BCSPL section for information regarding the BC Soccer Premier League club program.